Recruitment Guides

We've put together comprehensive recruitment guides for the most common jobs to help you identify the best candidates.

Each downloadable guide includes a competency framework that maps out the core job-related skills and soft skills required for success in the job. You'll also get a sample of skills assessment questions and an interview guide to use in-person or online.

See who can do the job before they get the job.

Get a complete evaluation of every applicant's ability to perform the role. Download the free guides below.

IT & Software

Screen candidates and surface the best talent with Vervoe.

Save time.

Replace the lengthy résumé screening with skills assessments.  Auto-grading and ranking lets you focus only on top performers.

Predict performance.

Get a complete evaluation of your candidate’s ability to perform the role. See who can do the job, before they get the job. 

Prevent bias.

Instead of screening people out on background, screen everyone in. Meet the top- performing candidates after their skills have been validated.​