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Credentialing at scale

Easily embed Vervoe skills assessments into your workflow, talent pool, or app.

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Powering job simulations for your talent platform

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Vervoe's skill testing api

Skill testing at scale

Vervoe uses real work scenarios with immersive question types to simulate the environment candidates would be in if you hired them.

Knowing a correct answer is only half the picture. Applying that knowledge to your unique business through workings, processes and frameworks allows you to see their true potential.

All role types and skill categories
Complete skill profiles

Technical, software-specific, and soft skills like communication.

Immersive question types

Like video, spreadsheets, presentations or code challenges create real work scenarios that candidates love.

Immersive question types

Set time limits, scoring requirements and correct sample answers.

Easily integrated into your workflow

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White Labelled Solution

Save time by seamlessly embedding Vervoe’s comprehensive skills assessments into your product without building from scratch.

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Intelligent Workflows

Our API gives you the flexibility to slot an assessment into any stage of your workflow to complement your existing process.

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Customized Experience

Customizable messaging and branding keep your candidate experience aligned without using clunky third-party apps.

Vervoe api benefits

An assessment engine powered by Vervoe

Assessment library

Easily manage assessments in your workflow with job, skills, average completion time, and the number of candidates easily viewable.

Trigger invites

Invite anyone from anywhere with web links, emails, or seamlessly through your own communication method.

Quick results

See live assessment results with drill down candidate profiles for in depth analysis and collaboration.

Simplified skill testing for any platform

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ATS and Recruitment Platforms

Add customized tests as a stage in your recruitment process.

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Talent Pools

Go beyond resumes and verify the skills of your candidates.

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Job Boards

Help your members stand out by letting them showcase their skills.

API use cases

Seamless student experience with embedded assessments

Create a seamless experience for your students where their skills are validated for internship positions from the familiar space of your own portal.

Imagine your students starting the assessment process from within their college account. Once they click start to begin, the assessment is then deployed and executed using the Vervoe platform, however the student experience remains completely embedded in your site.

Seamless student experience

The solution

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