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A concierge is overall responsible for ensuring that guests have a positive experience and an enjoyable stay with the company, and at their facilities. Whether working at a hotel complex, or a resort, a concierge assists customers with everything and anything that they desire, such as booking restaurants and activities, checking them in and out, and helping with the transportation of luggage.

A concierge must be knowledgeable about services that can be provided by the hotel/resort, as well as the popular surrounding restaurants, attractions and activities that guests can attend whilst on their stay. They should also be able to develop networks with other local venues such as restaurants and transportation companies, in order to be able to provide guests with the best experiences, recommendations, and tickets/reservations that can be hard to obtain.

Day-to-day tasks of this role:

  • Making reservations at restaurants or tourist attractions for guests.
  • Booking transportation to and from airports.
  • Respond to any query or questions from guests.
  • Checking guests in and out.
  • Filling in and reviewing daily documentation such as logs, vouchers, customer payments and invoices.

Recruitment Process


Skills profile for a Concierge

There are no formal qualifications required to be employed as a concierge, however some venues may prefer applicants to have a Diploma in Hospitality, as well as it being favourable that applicants have experience working in a luxury hospitality environment.

A concierge must be extremely skilled in guest service. They must be service driven in all encounters with guests, and provide a positive and memorable service experience for all guests and customers. They should always be focused on providing guests with satisfaction, and be prepared and willing to go above and beyond for any requests.

Professionalism is also an essential part of the job for any concierge. They must be able to remain professional during all encounters with guests, and also present professionally as the face of the organisation. Overall, they must also provide honest and respectful service for any and all customers to ensure their experience is first-class quality.

Being in the hospitality industry, a hotel/resort will see people of many different nationalities stay with them, therefore it is essential that a concierge has impeccable communication skills. They must have the ability to convey information to a range of people from various backgrounds, and do so in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand.

Once you’ve determined the skills required for the role, you can write the job description to advertise for your position.


Concierge Job Description


  • Why is this role being filled?
  • How does this role fit into the organization and the team?
  • What makes your company unique?
  • What would it be like to work for you?


  • What technical skills are needed for this role?
  • Which soft skills are applicable?
  • What are the nice-to-have experiences of your ideal candidate?
  • Include availability preferences in this section


  • What are the key deliverables for this role?
  • What does the day-to-day of this role look like?


  • Compensation & bonuses
  • Employee benefits & perks
  • Ongoing training benefits

As a concierge will be one of the first resources a guest will use to ask for recommendations for restaurants, tourist attractions and activities, it is important that the successful candidate is knowledgeable about the surrounding areas and local venues. The application should outline where the hotel/resort is located, and the types of places they will be expected to know, and therefore this will give the candidate an idea of where they need to familiarize themselves with.

Ensure that the entire recruitment process from job description to assessment to interview reiterates your company vision and values. This will help you identify the right people for the role, and applicants will know whether your company is the right fit for them.


Sample skills assessment

Concierge 1
Question 1


Question Type: Document

How would you communicate with someone whose first language isn’t English? Please outline this in the document below.

Concierge 2
Question 2
Guest Service
Question Type: Text

What would you do if you didn’t know the answer to a guest’s request?

Concierge 3
Question 3
Question Type: Video

Describe a time where you received positive feedback from a customer or guest due to your level of service.


Interview guide for a Concierge

Once your Vervoe skills assessment has surfaced the most qualified people for your open role, you can focus on interviewing these candidates. The PDF interview guide contains structured questions against each of the competencies for this role.

This interview guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the Vervoe skills assessment. Where a candidate has scored Low – Medium on a skill, focus on asking more questions from that skill to gain deeper insight into their level of competency.

Get your copy of the  interview guide to complete the hiring process. Includes questions against each of the skill competencies for the role.

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