Our mission is to make hiring about merit, not background.

We help companies see how candidates do job-related tasks so they can make hiring decisions based on performance, without bias.

Our Goal

Every day, wonderful, capable and passionate people are unfairly excluded from the hiring process for reasons other than whether they can actually do the job.
Whether that’s their gender, their age, their degree (or lack thereof), their years of experience or something else on their résumé. Most of these things have very little to do with someone’s ability to do the job.
We want every candidate to have an opportunity to showcase their talent.
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David and Omer have been friends for 20 years and founded Vervoe together in 2016 after both experiencing the frustrations of hiring in their own ways. 

David focuses on product, strategy and engineering, while Omer focuses on GTM, investors and people. While they have very different skill sets and personalities, David and Omer are bound by a common purpose and shared values. 

They both believe very strongly that the quality of someone’s work – not their background – should be considered above all else in determining their career paths. And that is the very foundation for Vervoe, which literally means “the real you”. 

David Weinberg & Omer Molad

Our team spans 3 continents and 4 cities.

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