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How To Hire a Mid Level Java Developer

Complete with job descriptions, skill profiles, and interview templates. Use this Mid Level Java Developer hiring guide to help you make the right decisions, fast.

Mid Level Java Developer Recruitment Guide

What does a Mid Level Java Developer do?

Mid Level Java Developers are responsible for the whole lifecycle of applications such as design, implementation and testing, as well as assisting junior developers. Mid Level Java Developers are generally employed by large enterprises to design and implement large complex enterprise applications as they have experience to ensure the correct principles and practices are being used.

Day to day tasks of a Mid Level Java Developer

Skills assessment

Mid Level Java Developer definition

A Mid Level Java Developers’ primary responsibility is to design and oversee the implementation of Java-based enterprise applications. Their high level of knowledge around java enables them to create and maintain efficient java applications to ensure high availability and high performance for business critical tasks. This knowledge also assists them in mentoring and assisting more junior developers to employ the correct OOP practices and things of this nature.

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Mid Level Java Developer Hiring Process

Step 1: Understand the role
Step 2: Source Applicants
Step 3: Skills Assessment
Step 4: Interview
Step 5: Hire

Build the Ideal Candidate Profile​

To find the best person for the role, you need to understand what the role involves. You can complete this with the hiring manager to define the role, its contribution, and the skills needed.

Write A Job Description Based On Skills

Once you understand the requirements for the role, you’ll need to understand the skills for success. You can then write an effective job description to promote your role.

Selecting The Ideal Candidate

See which applicants have the right skills for the role. Send all your applicants a Vervoe skills assessment from the expert library, or customize one for your organization.

Interview Top Performers

Your skills assessment results will identify top performers. Focus your time on interviewing those that have met or exceeded your requirements. Assessment results will also help guide which skill areas to focus on in the interview.

Making An Offer

Once you assess your candidates against these skills, you’re ready to offer the top performer(s). You should base your offer on the value that the candidate would bring to your team and your business as a whole. It is also important to ensure your compensation and benefits packages are competitive in the industry and help you attract and retain the top talent.
Build the ideal candidate profile

Skills needed for a Mid Level Java Developer

A Mid Level Java Developer will be extremely well versed in Java and be able to use them on a daily basis in order to create pieces of code that add value to enterprises.It is important that candidates have wide knowledge as the daily responsibilities can vary however, they will be required to design, develop and manage a particular application at a time. Furthermore, they will need good interpersonal skills in order to effectively lead their teams.

Pro Tip

In order to understand the breadth of the developers JVM knowledge, it is good to ask about their experience with Java-esque languages like Kotlin and their experience creating enterprise applications in them.


How to write a Mid Level Java Developer job description

Once you’ve determined the skills required for the role, you can write the job description to advertise for your position. Here’s what to include in your Mid Level Java Developer job description:

Job Title: What position are you hiring for?

Summary: What makes your company unique? What would it be like to work for you?

Responsibilities: An overview of the role’s day-to-day activities, and how the position contributes to the organization

Requirements: Skills a candidate must have to perform the job successfully

Benefits: Details of compensation, benefits, and any perks on offer

Pro Tip

In building your candidate profile, remember you’ve already identified what skills are needed to succeed in the role. Here’s where to list your “must-have” skills and maybe a couple of “nice-to-have” skills. For example, a Mid Level Java Developer should know how to tune JVM based parameters to increase performance for applications.

Mid level java developer 2

Sample skill tests for a Mid Level Java Developer

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Mid level java developer 3

Question 1


Question Type: Code

Can you please debug this code, it’s supposed to return a list of every third prime number between a range of two numbers.

Mid level java developer 3

Question 2


Question Type: Video

You’re a part of a large team developing a new application for the company you work for. It’s the start of the year and a new bunch of interns have just joined the company. One of the interns stops you after a standup meeting and asks you to explain the difference between wait() and sleep().

Mid level java developer 3

Question 3


Question Type: Multiple Choice

What are the two fundamental differences between a set and a list in java?


How to interview a Mid Level Java Developer

Once your Vervoe skills assessment has surfaced the most qualified people for your open role, you can focus on interviewing these candidates. The interview should focus on any skills that require development that were highlighted from the skills assessment.

Now you know that candidates can do the job, the interview becomes more of a relationship building exercise where you can get to know the candidate on a more personal level, understand their motivations, and how they would fit in with the team.

Making An Offer

How much does it cost to hire a Mid Level Java Developer?

The US average for Mid Level Java Developer is $104,843 according to whilst has the average salary at $77,817. The highest paid Mid Level Java Developers can expect to earn up to $116,500 and the lowest earn up to $56,000 according to

Mid Level Java Developer Salary United States

The United States has a median salary of $76,712 USD for Mid Level Java Developers. This figure will change based on many different elements when a salary is made for employees, for instance, the location of the organization, experience and education.

Mid Level Java Developer Salary United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom a Mid-Level Java Developer can be expected to receive a yearly salary of approximately £49,348. This figure will be impacted by a number of factors such as, the industry and location of the organization.

Mid Level Java Developer Salary Australia

Mid Level Java Developers in Australia have a reported yearly wage of $85,174 AUD. There are a handful of factors which need to be taken into consideration when this number is offered to candidates, for example, the location of the organization and the seniority of the position.