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Skills Gap Analysis

Use this skills gap analysis template to identify and plan to mitigate skill gaps in your workforce or talent pipeline.

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Vervoe’s skills gap analysis template provides an objective method for assessing candidates or employees.

Like our skill assessments, employees or candidates are ranked in comparison to one another, rather than an arbitrary benchmark. This means that no one is screened out or singled out for consideration. Rather, it shows where some people excel and others need more development.

How to use this Skills Gap Analysis Template

Start with Sheet 1: Identify Skills.

On this page, you’ll bring your research together in one place to identify the skills you need in a particular team or business department. In our template, we’ve provided an example for a product engineering team seeking to gain expertise in Javascript and UX design. You can fill out this page for an individual team or for the overall company, depending on the size of your business.

Fill out Sheet 4: Team Skill Gap Analysis.

Before you start measuring skills, it’s helpful to record your goals or expectations. Go to Sheet 4, Column C – Desired Score. On a scale of 1 – 5, with five being the most advanced level of competency, record where you hope your team to be. For instance, if you want to develop a product engineering team that are absolute whizzes at UX design, make your desired score a five. If Javascript is less important, give it a desired score of three.

Step 2: Measure Skills.
Next, use a combination of methods outlined in this guide — skill assessments, employee performance reviews, feedback, etc. — to evaluate the level of expertise your current team has. Score each individual on the team according to how well developed they are in a particular skill. This process can also be used when hiring to compare candidates’ skill levels.
Review each individual’s skill analysis.
Sheet 3, Individual Skills Gap Analysis, will auto-populate with each employee or candidate’s score. These scores are a combination of the individual’s level of competency and the importance of the particular skill. For instance, those with high proficiency in an extremely important skill will have scores from 20 – 25.
Identify skill gaps in your team.
The final sheet, Team Skills Gap Analysis, allows you to compare where you hoped to be versus where you are today. By comparing your current score with your desired score, you can assess what steps to take in order to close skill gaps, e.g. hire new talent or provide training.

Why you should perform a skills gap analysis

A skills gap report provides deeper insight into the talent that already exists within your company and the skills you’re missing that an external candidate can fill.

A workforce skills gap analysis focused on your existing employees provides an opportunity for career development, as well as the chance to move someone into a role for which they are best suited.

Strategic hiring considers the skills your company will need in the future. It prevents the need to hire reactively when your business is faced with a new challenge or an employee leaves.

Not only will you be able to attract top talent, but if you identify current skills needs from identified staffing needs, you can hire strategically from the best of the best.

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