Transform the way you hire.

Tools to help you make hiring decisions based on merit, not background.

Vervoe makes it easy to screen job applicants based on their skills, not what's on their resume.
Features 1

Customizable Content

Expert Library

Over 300 templates available, written by leading I/O psychologists. Everything from graphic design to sales reps, each test has correct sample responses and a range of different question types that you can customize to suit your own unique needs.

AI Assisted Builder

Our clever AI builder can create an assessment for any role you’re looking to hire. Just start with the job title and the builder will prompt you with relevant skills you might like to test. In just a few minutes you’ll have a complete assessment ready to use.

Immersive Question Types

Create an assessment that reflects your role and organization. With coding challenges in 8 languages, document editing and autograded spreadsheet questions, our assessments create an experience that tests how candidates will really perform day-to-day tasks.

Candidate Experience

Personalized Candidate Messaging

Keep every candidate updated on their application. In app messaging makes it easy to communicate with candidates. Invite them to assessments and notify them of their progression through your hiring flow.

Branded Assessments

Welcome candidates to your organization with a fully branded assessment. Include your logo and brand colours, personalize platform messaging and communicate your values with video introductions. Vervoe's flexible platform lets you curate an online recruitment process tailored to your business.

Features 2

Grading and Reporting

Automatic Grading and Ranking

Vervoe's AI can compare your candidate’s answers against millions of other similar responses. This means every response can be automatically graded for you, and candidates are stack-ranked based on how well they can do the job.


Access real-time insights from your Vervoe dashboard. See which candidate sources are delivering high performers, understand how your assessments are delivering value, and make data-driven hiring decisions based on skill.

Integrate with your workflow


Vervoe integrates with all of your favorite recruitment and workflow tools so you don’t need to change the way you work. From Greenhouse to Zapier you’ll be connected in minutes.

Job Links

Let every candidate apply by taking your assessment. You’ll skip the manual screening process and instead end up with a shortlist of candidates ready to progress to the next stage.

Team tools

Make hiring collaborative. Easily share candidate summaries, allow others to grade responses, and keep your whole hiring team in the loop.
Features 3

Never make another bad hire.

Traditional job interviews don’t do the job, pun intended.
Features 4

Your complete solution for skills testing

Unlimited Candidates

We believe everyone should get a chance to prove their skills. That’s why we don’t limit the number of assessments you can send on our paid plans.

Talent pools

Search and filter candidates across all jobs you’ve tested over time. Utilize their tested skills to place in different jobs.

Assessment Insights

Create trackable links with a single click and understand which sources your best performing candidates are coming from.

Timed questions and tests

Limit the time to complete a specific question, or for the entire test. One of the many ways to eliminate cheating and improve completion rates.

Share candidate cards

Make collaborative hiring decisions by sharing candidate details, and scores, with hiring managers and recruiters.

File upload

Ask candidates to download any file type as part of a question, or let them upload in multiple formats. Think .pdf, .psd, .odt, or any other format they’ll use on the job. 

Candidate status

Stay up to date when candidates open your emails, start taking a test or complete an assessment.

Mobile friendly

Candidates can showcase their talent on any device. You can get work done on the go.

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