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Small Business Recruitment Software

Great hires the first time with recruiting software for small businesses

Vervoe helps you take the guesswork out of hiring by validating candidates skills with engaging and insightful assessments.

Vervoe's recruiting software for small business
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Improve your hiring process with AI-powered small business recruitment software.

See who can actually do the job and surface the most qualified people based on how they perform tasks and challenges specific to your business.

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Test Technical Skills

Test technical skills with coding challenges, interactive question types, and virtual task-based outcomes

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Test Soft Skills

Test soft skills like communication, collaboration, and for culture fit traits that will drive your business forward

Get it right the first time

Avoid costly miss-hires and make decisions with confidence for your small business by testing and assessing each candidate's job-ready skills.

See how candidates perform tasks specific to the role like watching a sales person give a pitch from a deck they helped create or a marketing analyst draw game changing insights from a spreadsheet of data.

Our AI then confidently grades each candidate, leaving you with a list to explore ranked in order of performance.

Vervoe's small business recruitment software
Vervoe's recruiting software for small medium business

Manage candidates and reduce admin

Change your recruiting process to suit the digital world. One online assessment tests a range of skills and is easily shareable with your hiring stakeholders so you can replace multiple offline stages of your hiring process.

Our expert assessment library and robust question bank will also help you create a quality assessment quickly that surfaces qualified candidates—no need for big recruitment and HR teams. So you can focus on creating a memorable onboarding experience for your new hire.

Showcase your company

Offer job seekers a compelling reason to consider your business. Immerse them in an engaging assessment that shows them what the job would be like.

Add personalized intro videos that showcase your journey and where you’re heading, and add your company branding as part of our candidate experience settings.

Vervoe's recruitment software for small business
Vervoe's assessment questions

Find top performers instantly with AI

If you’re hiring a new employee, you might be looking for someone with strong communication and time management skills.

Our AI models quickly process thousands of responses, looking for specific words or sentiments that accurately reflect these values.

Candidates that have more of these are graded higher, and those with less are scored lower.

From engaging question types to customizable candidate experiences, we’re here to make your hiring simple with our recruitment software for small-medium businesses

Assessment library icon

Assessment Library

Range of customizable templates written by leading I/O Psychologists for your hiring managers to use from design to marketing roles.

Candidate cards icon

Candidate Cards

Shareable candidate scorecards that let you collaborate quickly with colleagues on shortlists for faster talent acquisition.

Integrations icon

Assessment Builder

Generate your own cloud based assessment in minutes. All you need is the job title, and our HR tech will do the rest to help you test skills essential to your startup.

Job links icon

Job Links

Link directly from your career site, job boards, or social media platform and test candidates as they apply, so you’ll only spend time on top performers.

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Automatic Grading & Ranking

Every applicant is graded and ranked by our AI in order of performance for the skills that matter most to you—helping to surface candidates from underrepresented groups that might have previously been overlooked.

Candidate messaging icon

Candidate Messaging

Create a seamless candidate experience with customizable emails and videos for branding. No more scheduling Zoom calls or Google Hangouts as part of your video interview process.

See Vervoe in action

Confidently test and evaluate candidates from anywhere in the world and improve your diversity sourcing.


Faster Hiring Time

Reduced Turnover
Candidate Satisfaction

“Everyone wants to hire superior talent. Vervoe allows us to scale and hire top candidates based on merit.”


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Small Business Recruitment Software

Frequently asked questions

Vervoe’s AI learns from millions of data points collected from real humans grading real job applicants. Through behavioral observation and natural language processing, our algorithms apply this logic with 80% accuracy to your candidate responses.
Vervoe’s AI will automatically grade your candidate submissions. If you would like for the predicted score to calculate, you will need to allow at least two hours for the system to generate the predicted score while leaving the candidate card in the assessment stage. This also means that you should not grade the candidate manually before the predicted score has had time to calculate. In order to improve your AI accuracy, we encourage you to include examples of correct answers (there is a field to add these when you are editing your assessment questions). The AI also learns from when you grade candidates. As a best practice, we do recommend that you manually score several candidate responses once the predicted score has been calculated.

Skills assessments and all candidate emails are fully customizable. We have customers all over the world, and skills assessments have been completed in many languages, including Chinese (for Uber). Embedded features like buttons are in English and are currently not customizable. Localizing the platform is something we have added to our roadmap but can’t guarantee and commit to a time frame.

There’s no lengthy implementation or training process with Vervoe. Simply create an account, select your plan and then start creating your assessments. You can choose from our library of pre-built assessments or create your own in minutes.
Vervoe offers much more than your typical video interview. You can thoroughly evaluate skills and cultural fit by asking questions, and seeking responses, in any format. In addition to video, you can try file upload and download, audio, text, multiple-choice, and more.

Yes, our small business recruiting software can integrate with your ATS, job boards, and favorite hiring tools to seamlessly blend into your current workflow.

Small business recruiting software is a tool that small businesses can use to manage their hiring process. Vervoe can help small businesses to save time and money by qualifying candidate applications and interviews through skill testing. By using recruiting software, small businesses can streamline their recruitment process and make it more efficient. In addition, this type of hiring software can also help small businesses to improve their candidate selection process by providing them with access to a highly skilled pool of talent, rather than sorting through hundreds of resumes with no clear indication of validated skill. Ultimately, small business recruiting software can help small businesses to improve their bottom line by making their recruitment process more efficient and effective.

For small businesses, hiring can be a make-or-break process. The right employees can help to propel a business forward, while the wrong employees can drag it down. As a result, it is essential for small businesses to find candidates have the right skills and proficiency for their roles. One way to do this is by skill-testing candidates during the hiring process. By requiring candidates to complete a pre-employment task that is relevant to the job they are applying for, businesses can get a better sense of their skills and abilities. In addition, testing candidates helps to level the playing field, giving all applicants an equal opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications. As a result, skill-testing can be an invaluable tool for small businesses looking to improve their hiring process.


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