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Thousands of applicants, no problem

Vervoe helps you optimize your high volume recruitment process to find the right candidate for every role 90% faster.

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Make volume hiring simple with our AI-powered high volume recruiting software

See who can do the job in real-time, create efficiency through automation, and quickly surface the most qualified candidates based on how they perform challenges specific to your business.

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Test Technical Skills

Test technical skills like software, writing, and data entry.

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Test Soft Skills

Test soft skills, including attention to detail, teamwork, and communication.


Ensure frontline employees have the skills you need to represent your brand

From call center agents to support staff, your customer service employees are a critical hire for your business. They must have the right skills like resilience, empathy, and adaptability, to succeed.

Vervoe helps your talent acquisition team unlock and assess these qualities quickly from large volumes of candidates.

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Find candidates with standout communication skills to reduce turnover

Minimize replacement or training costs by making the right hiring decision the first time.

Surface the candidates with the skills you need, like communication or English language, quickly without reviewing resumes or running screening interviews.

Vervoe assessments are easy to create and use various immersive question types like video, audio, multiple-choice, and more to help your candidates understand the role’s requirements.


Pinpoint candidates in your talent pipeline with strong attention to detail by using skills assessments

From Factory and Warehouse Workers to Logistics Managers finding the right employees will reduce turnover costs and improve ratings.

Skills testing helps you review a large number of candidates quickly so you can shortlist the top performers.

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Find the top performers instantly with AI

If you’re hiring a Call Centre Agent, you might be looking for someone with skills like attention to detail and empathy.

Our AI models quickly process thousands of responses, looking for specific words or sentiments that accurately reflect these values. Candidates that have more of these are graded higher, and those with less are scored lower.

From hiring guides to customizable candidate experiences, we’re here to make recruitment software for high volume hiring a breeze

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Assessment Library

Hundreds of assessment templates created by I/O Psychologist to get you started.

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Job Links

Handy assessment links you can include on your career site or job boards to test job seekers as they apply, so you don’t need to screen resumes.

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Candidate Cards

Shareable candidate scorecards that let you collaborate quickly with colleagues on your shortlist or talent pool.

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Automatic Grading & Ranking

Every applicant is graded and ranked in order of performance for the skills that matter most to you.

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Integrate with your applicant tracking system or recruitment platform to streamline your hiring process and remove time-consuming steps.

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Candidate Messaging

Create a seamless candidate experience with customizable emails and videos for branding.

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Confidently test and evaluate candidates from anywhere in the world and improve your diversity sourcing.


Faster Hiring Time

Reduced Turnover
Candidate Satisfaction
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“Everyone wants to hire superior talent. Vervoe allows us to scale and hire top candidates based on merit.”


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High Volume Hiring Software

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