No longer just a buzzword.

Automatically assess, grade and rank your candidates based on how well they can do the job.

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Take the guesswork
out of hiring

Our platform enables you to test the job-ready skills of every applicant. Using our machine learning algorithms, Vervoe then automatically grades and ranks them based on how well they can do the job.

Vervoe gives you a way to speed through the screening process without cutting corners.

“We are now spending our time talking to more qualified candidates rather than reviewing and screening unsuitable candidates.”

Spencer Timmins
Talent Acquisition Manager at Australia Post​

Find the top performers instantly

We use a set of algorithmic models that measure the quality of a candidate’s answer against millions of other similar responses.

If you’re hiring a Call Centre Agent you might be looking for someone with skills like attention to detail and empathy.

Our models process thousands of responses quickly looking for certain words or sentiments that reflect these values accurately. Candidates that display more of these are graded higher.

You’ll end up with a list of candidates ranked in order of their strength for the skills you need.

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Your own personalized AI model

Using behavioural observation and natural language processing, our models grade with 80% accuracy from day one.

You can enhance this by grading a handful of responses recommended to you. Our model learns to value the things your organization values.

Automate your workflow

Save time on repetitive tasks. Automate your hiring process so you can easily manage hundreds of candidates without compromising quality. Keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the process.

  • Branded in-platform email communication
  • Auto-progress or reject multiple candidates with one click
  • Extend assessments to give candidates more time
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Focus on the best person for the role.

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