Staffing agency software is your new secret weapon

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If you want to gain an edge over your competition in an increasingly competitive market, staffing agency software is exactly what you need.

Let’s face it, your clients aren’t becoming less demanding. On the contrary. They want better people, with proven skills, often from diverse backgrounds, and they want them fast.

Meanwhile, here’s what you’re probably facing.

On the one hand, you have a seemingly never ending pile of applications, and it’s impossible to get through them all. On the other, the top candidates are more elusive than ever. They can afford to be picky, and if you don’t pounce, they’ll accept another offer. You don’t have weeks, you have days.

At the same time, candidate claims about their own abilities can hardly be trusted because nearly 50% of candidates lie on their résumés. A scary statistic.

So you need to go through a huge pool of applicants, many of whom aren’t being truthful. You need to decide, with a high degree of confidence, which ones are the very best. Then you need to put them, and only them, in front of your client. And you need to do it very quickly. If you propose the wrong candidates, you’ll lose credibility. If you’re too slow, you’re competitors will win.

Now here’s the really bad news. If you’re still relying on résumés and phone screening to get the job done, you’re already losing. Your competitors are rapidly adopting staffing agency software to get ahead, and they’re doing it to put and end to the “tedious candidate searches, the endless scheduling, and the repetitive screening”, according to a report by LinkedIn.

Many recruiters have already realized that technology is their friend and, with the right staffing agency software, their lives can become much, much easier. More importantly, they can add more value to their clients. And so can you.

Make candidates prove it

Recommending candidates based on a gut feel is not good enough anymore. Odds are your clients have already been exposed to pre-employment testing software, including skill testing software and psychometrics assessment software. They expect you to deliver candidates whose skills have already been validated, and who are a strong fit for the role.

By validating the claims candidates make, you’ll immediately stand out from your competitors because you’ll present them with proven candidates. This means your clients will have much less work to do and their trust in you will increase. Instead of trying to work out who to hire, they’ll spend their time building rapport with the top candidates and closing the deal. They’ll thank you for it.

But wait, we can’t upset the candidates

Many recruiters are opposed to using staffing agency software because they don’t want to make candidates “jump through hoops”. They argue, mistakenly, that software will scare candidates away. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

What candidates actually hate is unnecessary and tedious form filling for jobs they have no chance of ever getting. And what they hate even more is never hearing back from recruiters. Conversely, most candidates do want an opportunity to showcase their talent instead of being screened out arbitrarily. If you use technology to engage candidates in the right way, you’ll not only have a robust hiring process, you’ll also have happy candidates.

Speed will save you

The art is to do all of this without slowing down one bit. You can’t afford to because, unless it’s a retained search, you’re in a competitive situation. While patience is a virtue, many of your clients do not possess it. They want to fill those roles fast, and they’ll reward recruiters who deliver.

One area that staffing agency software can help enormously is speed. Gone are the days of needing to conduct hundreds of phone screens. You can automate the entire hiring funnel from application to interview. Every applicant can be asked to take to a short test, respond to a questionnaire, or chat with a chatbot. It will all happen in parallel and at each candidate’s convenience. And the best part? All the candidates can automatically sorted for you. Yes, this exists.    

So do yourself a favor, and make your job easier. You can thank me later.

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