Online Recruitment Methods: Best Practices

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Recruitment is changing fundamentally in 2020.

Globally, businesses have needed to shift their recruitment methods to virtual methods rapidly. On top of that, the rest of the year promises to see a dramatic change in the recruitment landscape. Recruiters are moving from an environment where candidates were scarce, to a market with an extremely high volume of candidates.

This new environment means talent acquisition teams, recruiters, and hiring managers will need to manage an unprecedented volume of résumés, pre-employment screening, and interviewing. The good news is, there are tools available to manage this process.

Online recruitment methods that work

In this video, Jen Shellef and Stacie Garland from the Vervoe Customer Solutions team discuss best practices based on experience from our global clients.

Key takeaways from this video:

  • Why the capability to recruit online or remotely is a competitive advantage, allowing you to access a greater pool of talent
  • How to use automation tools to maintain a great candidate experience, even with a high volume of applicants
  • How to assess your process to ensure you’re ready to take recruitment online
  • How skills assessments can help you surface the best talent, faster
  • The next biggest things to look for in your online recruitment process

Further reading about online recruitment methods:

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