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Uncover Marketing Superstars in True-To-Life Scenarios

For the first time ever - measure growth, SEO and content marketing skills in an immersive desktop environment.

Evaluate Popular Roles In An Immersive Environment

 Identify Top Marketing Talent

See a Growth Marketer set a custom workflow using an intercom-type tool, they’ll create messaging and build steps to target the right audience then report on performance and make recommendations.

Search Engine Marketer

Watch a Search Engine Marketer optimize a live website. They’ll review real data and identify areas for optimization including content, structure, metadata, and technical implications.

Content Marketer

Find your ideal Content Marketer by viewing their strategy including short-term goals, and a workable content calendar, then watch them collaborate with stakeholders including the design team to produce well-packaged high-quality content.

Evaluate Hard & Soft Skills

Made for teams or your first hire

From vision to execution, see the best shine through different tasks and tools that uncover creativity, strategic thinking and analytical skills. Hiring top-tier marketing professionals has never been easier with industry leading role-based simulations for marketing professionals

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Marketing simulations 2
Quality insights

A Shortlist Of Top Performers

With fast auto grading, only hire when they can convert and compel your target audience. Vervoe’s unique AI grading instantly analyzes responses and ranks each candidate in order of their performance adding efficiency to your hiring process. While our in-depth report cards give you insight into each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and let you watch them in action.


Find The Best Candidate For You

Bring your brand and incorporate your company within the simulation workflow to bring your candidate on the hiring journey with you. While the framework of the simulation is designed to test the right skills you can customize the content, timers, and in future knock-out questions to focus on certain skills and they experience a real day in the life at your company.

Marketing simulations 3
Marketing simulations 4

Chat-GPT Proof

Vervoe’s standard anti-cheating features include plagiarism and geolocation detection, locked copy functionality, and content randomization. Plus our integrated approach to simulations makes tools like ChatGPT redundant as the scenario builds around the candidate with changing variable

Observe and test real world marketing skills

Strategic Thinking
Marketing Funnel
Lead Gen
Data Analysis
Problem Solving
Written Communication
Off Page SEO
Setting Objectives
Content Calendar

Test skills in context and unearth true talent

Sales Development Representative

Our immersive Sales Development Representative Simulation helps you identify top performers for top of the funnel sales roles.

Account Executive

Our immersive (Sales) Account Executive Simulation helps you identify top performers for middle of the funnel sales roles.

Account Manager

Our immersive (Sales) Account Manager Simulation helps you identify top performers for bottom of the funnel sales roles.

Hiring teams and candidates love Vervoe


Frequently asked questions

We’ve tailored the three versions or suite of Marketing Simulations to cover high impact roles in the market. Plus, you have the flexibility to customize other question types outside the simulation and update role titles to better fit your organization. 

We’ve designed the simulation environment to be familiar to applications candidates may already have used. If candidates haven’t used a marketing tool like Intercom before, the Marketing Simulations remain totally candidate friendly and no prior experience or knowledge is necessary. All simulations include an intuitive walkthrough to guide them through all the main parts of the simulation; while keeping them on task within the immersive environment. 

Vervoe’s suite of Marketing Simulations are the next frontier in immersive hiring and even closer to seeing people do the job, before they get the job. While all Vervoe’s skills assessments are application based; the Marketing Simulations are one step deeper with interlinked tasks, requiring candidates to familiarize themselves with a fictional company, product, pricing and other relevant information and use that to respond to dynamic requests from other team members. 

Answers are all automatically graded and ranked via Vervoe’s machine learning. Intuitive scoring and rich candidate profiles allow you to understand a candidate’s skills without spending hours in live training, assessment centers or months of candidate onboarding.

In addition to Vervoe’s robust anti-cheating measures. Prospect information and use case scenarios are always unique without affecting the simulation logic and task flows to cover all skills in a marketing funnel. Candidates also cannot skip tasks or go back and change a response to a task once submitted – like in real life!

Get a demo from our team on how Vervoe’s newest suite of 3 Marketing Simulations will revolutionize your marketing recruitment game or request them in a trial account now for a limited time. 

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