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Assessments with ‘Creative Thinking’ Skill

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The skills tested in this assessment for a Sales Development Representative include their ability to research and qualify leads, how they identify prospects, how they pitch the business to a new market, time management tactics and their resilience. The questions should showcase their ability to plan and manage their work day, discover and sell the business to new prospects, address issues that arise amongst prospects, and how they recover from setbacks and rejection.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Copywriter include how skilled the candidate is in SEO, copywriting, creative thinking, and research. It tests their ability to plan, design, and create advertising campaigns, the process they would follow before writing content for SEO, their process for creating a landing page, the research, and resources they would utilize when working with a new client, as well as the research they would conduct once being assigned to a project they had little knowledge about.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Digital Marketing Manager include how skilled the candidate is in campaign creation and design, their creative thinking abilities, how they collaborate with others, and their digital marketing skills. The assessment will test how the candidate measures the success of campaigns and make appropriate improvements, their ability to think creatively to enhance a brand, how they would use Facebook groups to grow traffic, as well as their opinion on the importance of a strong connection between the customer success and marketing team in an organization.