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Vervoe Bias Audit

Vervoe's AI has been independently certified as bias free and responsible making us fully compliant with NYC law LL 144. As stipulated by the law our results are available on this page.


How does the NYC bias law apply to you?

Employers and employment agencies meeting the following requirements must have a bias audit by 5 July 2023: 

  • Using an automated employment decision tool 
  • To assess candidates or employees 
  • Seeking a position or promotion 
  • Residing in New York City

An automated employment decision tool is a computational process derived from machine learning, statistical modeling, data analytics, or artificial intelligence that produces a simplified output such as a score, classification, or recommendation and is used to aid or automate decision-making for employment decisions.

A bias audit is an impartial evaluation of an automated employment decision tool carried out by an independent auditor that should include (but is not limited to) assessing for disparate impact against category 1 protected characteristics, like ethnicity/race and sex.

You must provide a Summary of Results of a current bias audit conducted within the last year. This must be published on your website or the website of the Employment agency before using the tool with candidates or employees beginning 5 July 2023. The Summary of Results are provided below as part of the bias audit conducted by independent auditor Holistic AI. 

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