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The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Content Marketing Manager include how skilled the candidate is in conducting research, planning and creating content, and analyzing data. The assessment asks candidates to explain how they decide on topics and the format layout of new content, how they measure the success of their published content, how they conduct research for a topic that they know nothing about, the questions they consider to be most important to ask when working with a new client, and how they prioritize important tasks during the day.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Marketing Consultant include the candidate's ability to manage stakeholders and their expectations, their proficiency in creating marketing strategies and digital marketing, and their ability to analyze data. The assessment asks questions that determine if the candidate is able to help a business to improve on employee turnover metrics, how they respond when a stakeholder does not agree with the marketing strategy that the marketing consultant recommended, can explain the importance of utilizing social media to an 'old-school' business owner, the data that they find most important to analyze when starting to work with a new client, as well as recommendations they would make to a business that's goal was to improve customer retention.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Marketing Analyst include the candidate's ability to conduct extensive research, analyze and provide recommendations based on data, communicate with other key stakeholders, and their proficiency in SQL. The assessment will ask candidates how they would use qualitative and quantitative data, what information they would gather when a business is expanding into different countries and markets, how they would present data and make recommendations to a team of stakeholders, and their ability to use SQL to communicate with a database.