Assessments with ‘Problem Solving’ Skill

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The skills tested in this Assessment for an Administrative Services Manager are to determine whether the candidate can supervise a team and communicate their expectations to them as well as have difficult conversations when required. We test to see if the candidate is able to think critically to make crucial decisions which impact positively on the business.

The skills tested in this Assessment for a Facility Manager is to determine whether the candidate can interact and work with a range of personality types. We have tested to ensure that the candidate has the ability to think for themselves and use a level of problem solving to ensure the smooth running of a busy facility.

A SQL Developer must be highly proficient in writing SQL statements. This must also be paired with their knowledge of database security ensuring the data is not tampered with by the wrong person. Specifically, in the Vervoe skill assessment, the following skills are looked at it in detail, their ability to write different efficient and reusable SQL queries, their knowledge of databases, and their problem-solving skills.

This assessment specifically examines the following skills: learning agility, problem solving, and trainability.