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Customer Service Skills Assessments

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The following assessment will test skills that Customer Support Managers need to be able to provide professional service for customers as well as manage and develop a Customer Support team. Their written and verbal communication skills will be tested, as well as their conflict resolution skills and how they tailor conversations based on the person they are speaking to. The questions will uncover their people management skills, their approach to coaching and developing people and their leadership experience and strategy.

The following assessment will test the candidate’s leadership expertise and experience in managing teams to success and specific outcomes. It will showcase their ability to problem-solve and how they collaborate and communicate with others to implement ideas and strategies. It will provide an insight in how they manage and coach individuals in their team and their methods and in doing so, show you their character and the type of team culture they would bring to your organisation.

The following assessment will test the candidate’s customer facing skills, leadership experience and their ability to guide and coach teams to success and specific outcomes. Their problem solving skills will be tested as well as their ability to clearly communicate and work with others to drive successful collaboration for the success of the customers, their team and the overall business. They will also be tested on how they drive excellence within their team and their management style and approach.

Skills that will be tested in this assessment include the candidate’s ability to clearly communicate, lead and structure conversations, how they ask questions and their critical thinking skills as they present options and solutions based on the information uncovered. The questions should address how they manage competing priorities, multiple accounts, structure and plan new engagements and their workload, as well as how they handle conflict management.

Skills tested by this assessment include the candidates ability to build rapport with customers in different situations and their communication skills via different methods including written and verbal communications. The questions will display their experience and approach to building rapport and having conversations with customers, as well as how they express themselves and their attention to detail.

Customer service hiring assessments and skills tests

Customer service skills are essential for any company. In order to ensure that your customer service team is up to par, you may want to consider using an assessment test. A pre-employment assessment test can help you determine which candidates have the necessary skills to provide excellent customer service. Additionally, assessment tests can help you assess your customer service training program and identify areas that need improvement.

What is a customer service skills test?

A customer service skills test is a tool used to measure an individual’s ability to provide customer service. Typically, a customer service skills test includes a variety of questions that assess an individual’s knowledge of customer service principles and practices. Additionally, many customer service skills tests measure an individual’s ability to solve problems and handle difficult customer interactions. Customer service skills tests are useful for hiring managers and recruiters looking to incorporate skills based hiring in their recruitment strategy.

What are some examples of customer service skills test questions?

Some common customer service skills test questions include:

  • There has been a misunderstanding with a new client on the sorts of results that they could obtain from using our software, although this was explained to them during sales and onboarding. The client blames you for this and writes a very tense email. How would you approach and resolve this situation?
  • A customer you have never met before and only communicated with via email has agreed to meet virtually. How would you begin a customer call? Talk through how you would introduce yourself and what questions would you ask to make the customer feel at ease and to start getting to know them.
  • Your customer success team has told you repeatedly that another area of the business who they rely on are not responding in a timely manner and this is impacting customers. How would you work with that department’s leader to resolve this issue and what would you suggest?
  • One of your CSMs is underperforming and is set to not meet their KPIs for the quarter. Explain how you would talk to them and what would you recommend to help set them back on course for success?

Customer service assessment templates

If you are interested in creating your own customer service assessment test, there are a variety of questions and templates available in the Vervoe assessment library for you to use. Below are some examples:

  • Customer Success Associate Assessment Template
  • Customer Support Manager Assessment Template
  • Relationship Manager Assessment Template
  • Contact Centre Representative Assessment Template
  • Retail Associate Assessment Template

When creating your assessment test, be sure to include a mix of questions that assess both knowledge and skills. Additionally, be sure to include questions that are specific to your company and the industry you operate in.