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Making hiring about merit, not background | Co-founder and CEO of Vervoe

Graduate recruiting case study: how Orica delights candidates

A new candidate experience Orica, the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives, has raised the bar..

The magic moments along the way

2018 has been a rollercoaster for us, and for me personally. It was an absolute thrill..

Hiring mistakes we’ve made at Vervoe

Nearly a year ago I wrote an article about how we hire at Vervoe. Now I want..

A recruitment management system will make your life easier

If you’re still doing things manually, it’s time to seriously consider a recruitment management system. Recruitment..

Résumé screening: why you should screen people in, not out

Résumé screening is an accepted part of the recruitment process. So accepted, in fact, that the..

How Australia Post is developing the best tech talent, from all walks of life

Background In 2018, Australia Post announced their new Tech Academy initiative, aimed at “developing the best..

Pre-employment assessment, skill testing and interviewing: what’s the difference?

We often hear terms like pre-employment assessment, skill testing and even interviewing used interchangeably. While they..

Video interviewing: the good, the bad and the ugly

Video interviewing is hardly a groundbreaking concept. It’s basically like normal interviewing, only without the recruiter...

The (bias) problem with your AI matching tool

AI matching tools might be hurting you... Are you using an AI matching tool as part..

How going hiking helped my leadership, my health and our company

Burnout... Sometimes the best form of leadership is no leadership at all. A couple of months..

Hi, I’m Ben, and I’m a freaking awesome designer

Ever been seduced by an over-confident candidate? An awesome designer, a gun sales rep or, my..

Why artificial intelligence helps us achieve our mission

On August 22nd 2018 we publicly launched artificial intelligence features that automatically rank candidates based on..