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Making hiring about merit, not background | Co-founder and CEO of Vervoe

How to survive as a startup CEO

The last time I endured such a powerful apprenticeship, with such a steep learning curve, was..

My favorite interview questions

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How to design an interview process that predicts performance

First, let’s get one thing out of the way. Traditional interviews don’t actually predict performance. Rather,..

Competence is context-dependent

The same, but different Is a graphic designer at a major accounting firm the same job..

How companies use skills assessments

We analyzed how more than 4,000 companies use skills assessments on Vervoe, particularly employer and candidate..

Why we made hiring free

Wait, what? That’s right, we created a free tier so now anyone can use Vervoe for..

Leveraging AI for candidate selection

I did an interview with George LaRocque from HRWins on leveraging AI for candidate selection. "HRWins..

Staffing agency software is your new secret weapon

If you want to gain an edge over your competition in an increasingly competitive market, staffing..

Hiring administrative assistants: real-world examples

We analyzed all the different ways our clients go about hiring administrative assistants so that we..

How to make candidates love your online interviewing software

One of the objections we often hear from recruiters who are apprehensive about using online interviewing..

Why it’s time to ditch the résumé

If you’re still using résumés to decide who to interview, you’re hurting your chances of hiring..

Graduate recruiting case study: how Orica delights candidates

A new candidate experience Orica, the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives, has raised the bar..