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Take Our New Sales Simulations For A Test Drive

Wish you could measure skills that directly lead to more revenue, find hidden gems and avoid unqualified candidates? Our new sales simulations are the answer.

You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about job simulations and their potential to change the future of recruitment – after all, it’s kind of our thing.

While our previous offerings have included role specific skills assessments that cover Customer Service and Cybersecurity, our latest suite of job simulations is one we know almost everyone will be excited about. 

Introducing Vervoe’s new range of Sales Simulations 

Vervoe’s newest suite of role based Sales Simulations are designed to revolutionize your sales recruitment game, and make hiring highly skilled sales talent easier than ever. 

Say goodbye to making hiring decisions based on guesswork, and hello to real insights into the actual abilities of candidates. With our  Sales Simulations, you now have the power to build high-performing sales teams to take your business to the next level. 

Vervoe sales simulation preview inside crm terminal
Take a glimpse inside our latest release of job simulations, which focus on making hiring sales professionals easier than ever through a fully immersive CRM terminal.

Take the guesswork out of hiring sales talent

Our Sales Simulations are designed to help you quickly identify top sales talent who can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. You’ve likely seen the power of our other job simulations, which give candidates a chance to showcase their skills in an immersive and interactive environment. 

With unique prospect information and scenarios, the Sales Simulations cover all the necessary skills to instantly validate top performers who can quickly familiarize themselves with a fictional company, product, pricing and other relevant information to respond to prospect and customer inquiries. 

Watch candidates pitch, present, handle objections, and close deals across multiple communication channels – all within a fully immersive CRM style environment. Once the simulation is completed, hiring managers can expect to receive a shortlist of top performers who can deliver real results, and meet and exceed their numbers.

What are the three role types the Sales Simulations can test?

Our Sales Simulations come in three versions tailored for top, middle, and bottom of the funnel roles: Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, and Account Manager.

In addition, our customers have the flexibility to customize questions and role titles to fit their organization. It’s also worth noting that this is just V1 – our V2 release will bring even more usability, customization and branding enhancements.

What type of skills do the Sales Simulations assess?

Our Sales simulations are specifically designed to test the comprehensive range of skills critical to top sales performance. 

These include, but are certainly not limited to, ICP identification, prospecting and outreach, communication and active listening, collaboration, organization, account planning, problem solving, objection handling, stakeholder management, strategic follow up and persistence, time management and prioritization, pitching and presentation, negotiation, closing ability, and empathy. 

These simulations offer a thorough and immersive assessment of a candidate’s skills abilities, ensuring that only the best sales performers make it onto your team. Put simply, our Sales Simulations are one of the few ways to verify that a candidate can do what they say they can. 

What do top performing candidates look like? 

Answers are all automatically graded and ranked via Vervoe’s machine learning. Intuitive scoring and rich candidate profiles allow you to understand a candidate’s skills without spending hours in live sales role play scenarios, assessment centers or months of candidates not making quota. 

You can check if key sales competencies like objection handling, negotiation and prioritization were passed or failed at a glance, or dive deeper to view their simulation outputs like emails sent, CRM status updates or audio and video responses. 

The best part? It’s ChatGPT proof. The back and forth nature of questions with context clues nestled deep in the environment make it impossible to find answers outside the simulation. No prior information is required, and that’s exactly how you’ll get to see them do the job before they get the job. 

How do I take the Sales Simulations for a test drive?

Ultimately, Vervoe believes in showing not telling – so we’re going to stop talking now, and let you try out our new Sales Simulations for yourself. 

Speak to one of our team members to learn more, or request a demo today. 

With the launch of vervoe's newest range of job simulations, we're revolutionizing the future of sales hiring.
With the launch of Vervoe’s newest range of job simulations, we’re revolutionizing the future of sales hiring.
Marie Lee

Marie Lee

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