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Assessments with ‘Strategic Thinking’ Skill

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The skills tested in this assessment for a Growth Product Manager include product growth and marketing strategy, analytics and cross collaborative skills. The answers should showcase their ability to create and implement strategies to steer a company's product to success.

The skills tested in this Assessment for a Recruitment Manager determine whether the candidate can think strategically and anticipate the future needs and circumstances of a business and if they are able to effectively communicate with internal stakeholders. We tested to see if the candidate can lead a team to success and ensure the high moral and mental health remains in tact within a sometimes challenging environment.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Chief Marketing Officer include the candidate's ability to create and implement marketing strategies, manage stakeholders and their team, as well as think strategically. The assessment will ask candidates to discuss the marketing timeline for a new product, how to improve areas of the marketing funnel, how to discuss marketing strategies with other stakeholders, how they would interact with other departments in order to achieve overall business objectives, and how they would introduce new technologies or innovative strategies to improve marketing efforts in the organization.