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Healthcare Skills Assessments

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There is a mixture of soft and technical skills in this assessment. The role of a personal care assistant is critical because they help improve the quality of life of their clients, ensuring they are comfortable and safe. Essentially, they play a pivotal role in meeting their clients’ emotional, physical, and mental needs. As such, it’s vital that you thoroughly check whether your candidates have the skills to perform excellently if hired.

The skills tested in this assessment for a Medical Assistant include communication, administration and patient assistance. The candidate answers should showcase their ability to communicate effectively in typical health care situations, use administrational skills to prioritise and plan tasks, and display an in depth understanding of patient assistance.

The skills tested in this Assessment for a Medical Receptionist is to determine wither the candidate is able to coordinate the diaries of multiple medical staff to insure the smooth daily running of a busy clinic. We want to test thew communication level of the candidate, and their ability to handle personal and sensitive information.