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Assessments with ‘Customer Acquisition/Retention’ Skill

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The following assessment will test the candidate’s customer leadership, strategy and customer acquisition and retention abilities. You will also get a sense of their ability to clearly communicate strategic initiatives and drive their team and bring together other departments towards successful collaboration for the success of the customers, and the overall business. They will also be tested on how they drive excellence within their team and their management style and approach.

Skills that will be tested in this assessment include the candidate’s ability to acquire and retain customers, lead their team, and collaborate with their team, colleagues and other departments. The questions should address how they manage leading their team, deal with leadership and strategic decisions and plan their collaboration.

The skills tested in this assessment for a Client Relations Specialist include their ability to acquire and retain customers, provide excellent customer service in various scenarios, and communicate effectively. The questions should showcase their ability to identify prospects and nurture existing client relationships to uncover up-sell opportunities. They will test candidates’ ability to effectively manage service level frameworks for their inbound and outbound activities and how they build and maintain rapport with key stakeholders.