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Update: Find what you need faster and more accurately with Vervoe’s assessment library and search updates

When you’re trying to find an answer online, there’s nothing more frustrating than coming across a “no result” message. In most cases, this outcome occurs not because the answer doesn’t exist, but because of the way the search engine is configured.

That’s why we’ve made some changes at Vervoe to improve discoverability in our assessment library to ensure every customer is connected with the right assessment, every time.

The result? Better search capabilities will help you pinpoint what you need on your very first search, ultimately leading to faster and better hiring outcomes.

Find what you need faster with our updated assessment library design

We’ve improved the way you discover content with Vervoe. Users can now:

  • See job categories at a glance: Job categories such as Sales, Design, Admin and more have been moved to the top of the page so they can be discovered immediately without the need to scroll down.
  • View featured assessments: We’ve featured our most popular assessments such as Basic Excel Skills and Problem-Solving Skills.  
  • Find assessments for popular skills fast: With the majority of our customers testing for popular skills such as Communication, English, and Time Management, we’ve made these skills easy to find. Clicking on “Communication” will bring up all assessments that contain this keyword. These assessments can then be filtered by role type to refine your search.
Find what you need faster with our updated assessment library design
Find what you need faster with our updated assessment library design

Search by category, assessments, or skills

Previously, users could search for assessments either within a category or within the broader library. Now, typing in a search term will bring up all relevant job categories, assessments for specific roles, and skills associated with that term.

All searches are now global across the whole library, with the closest matches showing first.

For example, searching for “marketing” will bring up the following options:

  • The marketing category, taking you to the category overview for marketing that shows all assessments for the entire category.
  • Top assessments titles for specific roles such as Growth Marketing Manager or Director of Content Marketing.
  • Skills in the library that contain the word marketing.
  • All results to show everything relevant to the search term. Results will be displayed in two sections:
    • All assessments containing marketing as a keyword.
    • All assessments containing marketing as a skill.
Search by category, assessments, or skills
Search by category, assessments, or skills

Oh, and the search is now predictive, meaning results will be displayed as soon as you start typing.

More details about what’s in the assessment to help you choose with confidence

Clicking on the Details button for any assessment will bring up additional information to help you decide if the assessment suits your needs.

Details include a summary of the assessment, questions types (such as text or video-based), all the skills tested in the assessment, and expected outcomes (what you can expect to learn about someone who takes the assessment).

Assessment details
More details about what’s in the assessment to help you choose with confidence

All together, these changes will mean you’ll spend less time searching for assessments and more time on the activities that matter. That’s all for this update – happy searching!

Nicole Bowes

Nicole Bowes

A dynamic leader with over 15 years of expertise in the global online industry, and exceptional skills in cross-functional team leadership, product vision, and storytelling. With a rich background in leading growth and innovation for global, APAC, and Australian brands, Nicole has been instrumental in delivering leading brand strategies for products. Notably, she spearheaded the development of a product-led strategy at Vervoe, which successfully opened new channels for customer acquisition and enhanced the product's usability, placing customers at the forefront of the company's vision. Nicole brings a wealth of experience in working with agile delivery teams, showcasing comprehensive relationship management skills, and fostering collaboration with stakeholders across all organizational levels. Her adaptable nature allows her to seamlessly transition between roles, tasks, and situations, driving continuous improvement and innovation in the digital space. Currently serving as the Head of Product at Vervoe, Nicole leverages her expertise to oversee key performance indicators, foster cross-functional team leadership, and shape the product vision. Her passion for creative problem-solving and commitment to innovation are evident in her contributions to the development and success of Vervoe's software as a service (SaaS) platform. Prior to her role at Vervoe, Nicole held senior positions in product marketing at Whispir and Envato, where she played pivotal roles in shaping brand strategies and fostering global communities. Her dedication to customer-centricity and her ability to navigate diverse business landscapes have been instrumental in driving growth and delivering impactful solutions throughout her career.

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