Release Notes

4.3.1 Our latest feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.




Improved Public API documentation


  • You can now unhire candidates from the Hired tab, you’ll be able to inout a reason for reporting purposes eg. Accepted offer elsewhere and did not start
  • Comment field in the hiring manager survey will only show if `other` is selected.
  • Text updated on other comments field to `Please provide a reason for selecting other`
  • Today’s date will be pre-selected when the hire date picker is opened for the first time
  • Buttons + Vervoe logo will now be your preselected company brand color on the post-hire survey page
  • Updated text to add an ‘s to the candidate’s name on the post-hire email and page
  • Added a tooltip for long names on What date was the candidate hired? 
  • The free text comment field will expand on the survey to accommodate long responses
  • Added endpoint for hiring and unhiring candidates via Public API

Assessment Insights

  • Optimized the Score Distribution chart for when there is only 1 skill in the assessment
  • Updated the names of CSV files from Insights to better format the data


Bug Fixes



  • Shareable candidate card will now include the overall score for rejected candidates

Free Trial Expiration

  • A bug stopping some old accounts from accessing the subscription page has been fixed


  • The wrong link to the Invite page in the Setup Guide has been fixed for new accounts
  • Google Maps now works when selecting a location 

Advanced Scoring

  • Advanced Scoring: The text score from one group was hidden when another was added

Team Invites

  • Max character length of 180 for emails and 160 for usernames has been implemented