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Release Notes

4.12.0 Our latest feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features


SEO Simulation

What's new 1

  • SEO (Search Engine Marketer) Simulation is here! This features 9 tasks across a range of skills like data analysis, copywriting, strategic thinking, and SEO
    • Task 1: Data Analysis – Look at reports for site traffic to understand patterns, volume, and sources and record answers
    • Task 2: SEO – Use tools to check the setup of the page to ensure the right technical capabilities are in place for it to rank on search engines
    • Task 3: SEO – Candidate Is then prompted to review the site structure and create a sitemap noting if core pages are missing or if there’s an internal link structure.
    • Task 4: Strategic Thinking – Candidate is then prompted to respond in an email with notes about the site map and suggestions for missing pages and improvements
    • Task 5: Written Communication – Candidate must review a specific page of the microsite using dev tools and make then make suggestions back in a Google doc with a predefined template. Candidate must also use knowledge base articles to understand business ICP
    • Task 6: Verbal Communication – Candidate must then brief the content writer about the changes they would like to see to these headings in a short audio message
    • Task 7: Copywriting – Candidate sees the next task in an email from their manager asking them to compose copy for a specific landing page including H1, H2, and paragraph text
    • Task 8: Off-Page SEO – Candidate sees an email from a senior stakeholder asking for recommendations for off-page SEO
    • Task 9: Written Communication –
    • Candidate then sees a response from the senior stakeholder asking for them to start link-building outreach. Candidate needs to compose an outreach email asking a publication for a backlink
  • Candidates will be tasked with reviewing a real live microsite to determine its SEO health and make recommendations for areas of improvement. They’ll also be able to showcase their data analysis skills using Amplitude reporting to make observations about site traffic.
  • Candidates will be given 1 hour to complete the simulation
  • Available to all Enterprise customers and via the new onboarding
  • Can be added via the library `SEO Marketing Simulation` or via Create as part of the Simulation question type
  • Simulation is not mobile-compatible


  • MFA has now been implemented. 
    What's new 2
  • For existing accounts, it’s off by default and can be enabled by Admins/Owners via the team member settings page
  • For new account, this setting is enabled by default
  • Our MFA implementation requires the user to log in using a 6-digit code that is emailed to them (this is the same approach for account validation on new sign-ups).
    • The code expires after 5 minutes



Cyber Simulations

  • The Cyber Simulations beta are temporarily being removed from the platform.
  • Past candidate completions will be saved on candidate report cards
  • The simulations will not be accessible from this Friday (11/16)
  • Impacted customers have been notified


  • Added functionality to refresh the authorization token for lever to avoid disconnection issues
  • Added an info banner to show you that Lever is unauthorized and needs to be reauthorized or candidates won’t be invited.


  • Functionality updated so that if a candidate is re-invited they are not sent the invite links


  • We’ve updated the trigger for the event `ai.score.changed` so that that update will only send if the score changes by more than 2%
  • All SR users are now on the V2 integrations and V1 will be deprecated and removed from the UI

Assessment Regeneration

  • Team Members permissions are now copied for regenerated assessments

Deleted Assessment Behaviour

  • If you previously knew the URL of a deleted assessment you could still access it however now we will show a “not found” page
  • Previously candidates from deleted assessments weren’t shown on the Hired page this has been updated to now include them


  • Updated the timeframe starting point for invite-with-reapply-timeframe endpoint so that it is now calculated from the time of invite and not the time of completion


  • Enabled the closed assessment page for Team Viewers who previously could not see it

Copy Assessment Preview Button

  • After feedback that it was confusing, we’ve updated the assessment preview link copy from Link to Share to Copy Preview Link


Bug Fixes

  • Info question isn’t marked as answered for some Candidates unless they clicked back to the question again
  • Unnecessary rounding of assessment/question score has been fixed
  • Issue impacting Auto-progress setting saving has been updated and no longer requires a page refresh to save the setting
  • The wrong question order was showing for some Candidate’s completing an assessment with group randomization. This has been updated so that now the info section will always come before the question.