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The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Growth Marketing Manager include how skilled the candidate is in planning and executing marketing, product, and website strategies, as well as how they fit in with the company culture. The assessment tests a candidates ability to use marketing metrics to improve marketing efforts, their ability to create value propositions for a product/service, their ability to analyze a website and give recommendations on ways to improve it, as well as why they are interested in this role and what draws them to work with your company.

The skills that are tested in this assessment for a Content Writer include how skilled they are in their ability to write content, manage multiple projects, and their ability to fit into the company culture. The assessment asks questions that determine if the candidate is able to come up with engaging content to be shared publically, know the difference between B2B writing and B2C writing, how they would manage and prioritize working on multiple important projects at once, as well as what they consider to be important values in the workplace and what they value in a teammate.