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The Best Recruitment Management Systems for Agile HR Teams in 2019

Recruitment management technology is getting an upgrade – and it’s about time.

On average, HR teams spend an estimated 23 days to interview and hire a candidate. That’s nearly a month to fill every open position. In today’s competitive job market, that time lag costs companies time, money, and top talent.

However, the rise of recruitment management systems is helping HR teams become more agile in 2019. Demand for fast, efficient, and comprehensive platforms that can support talent managers has grown exponentially. Venture capitalist funding tracker Crunchbase estimates that in 2018, more than 40 startup companies that use AI to improve employment have raised seed or early-stage funding. Platform integrations and artificial intelligence are helping more companies than ever find and track candidates who will work best in fast-paced work environments.

Recruitment management systems that can help HR teams have a bigger impact are on the rise, but there are five platforms that already stand out from the crowd. Here are our top picks:


There are over 4,000 companies using Vervoe, a performance-based platform which takes an innovative approach to uncovering the very best candidates for each open position. Rather than relying on resumes, HR teams that use Vervoe get deeper insight into a candidate’s fit with a 360-degree attitude and skills assessment. Recruiters can easily adapt the interview experience to include applicable, real-world tests – things like working with Google docs, doing a simple coding task, or using a design tool – to hire more confidently, based on merit. Vervoe combines these skills tests with psychometric evaluations and a smart algorithm which reveals the best candidate, cutting down on time spent reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and rounds of interviews. Even better: there’s no set-up time required. You can start hiring the same day you register.


Ascendify is used by corporate heavyweights like GE, IBM, and Cisco to attract and track candidates who can fit seamlessly into their evolving work environment.

Historically, a company would invest time in hiring the right candidate, spend years developing their skills, and help them move up the ranks until they reach retirement. In today’s agile work environment, that’s simply not possible. As a solution, Ascendify has developed the recruitment tool to keep up with workers in flux. Ascendify’s AI tool identifies the skills needed for each role, maps out how to develop those skills using company resources, and helps employees assess their strengths and weaknesses. For an HR team, the power of this tool lies in identifying skills gaps and assessing how to fill those gaps by utilizing the talent in your recruitment pool or existing employees.


Ever heard of pre-boarding? It’s something that PhenomPeople specializes in. Pre-boarding is described by the company as every interaction a company has with a new hire “from the time the offer letter has been signed until their first day.” This is how micro-focused PhenomPeople’s platform can get when managing recruitment for an agile HR team. This award-winning tool uses AI to customize and tailor the hiring experience, making recruiters more efficient, and delivering the type of personalization that attracts top talent. PhenomPeople is used by companies like Microsoft, Hershey’s, and L’Oreal for everything, from building a career site, real-time CRM, recruitment analytics, and more.


Smashfly’s platform, which has been a popular choice for agile HR teams since 2007, takes a proactive approach to talent acquisition. Experience has taught Smashfly that engaging with people your company wants to hire before entering a formal recruitment process saves time and money both for the company and the individual. Smashfly created a unique Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform that combines CRM, career site customization, job events, and content marketing to allow recruitment teams to maintain a consistent employer brand. For small HR teams, this is a powerful tool to magnify your outreach and move quickly on top recruitment opportunities.


Yello counts brands Walmart, Caterpillar, and Blue Cross Blue Shield among their clients, and like Vervoe, they take an integrated approach to agile recruitment management. After raising $31 million in funding in 2017, Yello went on to develop a platform that includes schedule automation, video interviewing, employee referrals, and more. Particularly attractive to an agile team is the interview-scheduling software, which can eliminate the time suck of back-and-forth emailing and missed connections. This comprehensive platform also integrates with applicant tracking softwares and HRISs, so a company seeking to save on retraining costs and seamlessly upgrade their recruitment management will get a lot out of Yello.

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