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Database Administrator

Use this comprehensive Database Administrator job description to help you attract candidates with the right skills to perform in your business. This job description template is optimized for easy posting to online job boards or career pages.

How To Write A Database Administrator Job Description

Once you’ve determined the skills required for the role, you can write a job description to advertise your position to job seekers. Here’s what to include in a Database Administrator job description:





To find the best person for the role, you need to understand what the role involves. Before creating a Database Administrator job description, we recommend building your ideal Database Administrator Skills Profile. You can complete this skills profile with the hiring manager to define the role, contribution, and skills needed. Here are some examples of skills to include in your Database Administrator job description:




Database Administrator Job Description

Are you a passionate Database Administrator who enjoys solving complex problems and assisting developers by providing them with well maintained databases?

Database Administrator Job Description Summary

Our company is seeking a talented Database Administrator who will own the role of looking after the organisation’s databases. This role means you’re striving to always make sure the databases are available and not bottlenecked. You will need to be across topics such as data integrity, database security and database reliability to name a few. As the database expert, you will be one of the first points of contact for developers when they need to create a connection between their code and a database. Therefore, you will need to be a good communicator and good at collaborating with fellow non-technical and technical colleagues.

About Your Company

[Insert 3-4 sentences summarizing what your company does. Share your mission, vision, and a little bit about your product or service.]

Database Administrator Job Responsibilities

As a Database Administrator at our company, you will:

Database Administrator Job Requirements

Our ideal Database Administrator will have:

Pro Tip

In building your candidate profile, remember you’ve already identified what skills are needed to succeed in the role. Here’s where to list your “must-have” skills and maybe a couple of “nice-to-have” skills. For example, a Database Administrator should be highly proficient with using database management tools such as PgAdmin4, or whatever their preferred tool is.

Database Administrator Benefits

Pro Tip

Ensure that the entire recruitment process, from the job description to assessment to interview, reiterate your company vision and values. This will help you identify the right people for the role, and applicants will know whether your company is the right fit for them.