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How Employer Branding Improves Recruiting

For most businesses, recruitment proves to be a real challenge. With so many companies out there vying for the same jobseekers, what strategies can a business can implement to establish itself as the organization that everyone is dying to work for?

Hiring managers nowadays are increasingly turning to inbound hiring to automate processes that once ate up their schedules, but this innovation is just the first step in a larger trend toward enhancing your company’s recruiting efforts.

Offering the best salaries and ample opportunity for advancement simply isn’t enough to win the attention of today’s workers. Since people spend a significant percentage of their lives on the job, they want to work somewhere they can be proud of. That’s where employer branding — which focuses on a company’s values and culture — comes into play.

What Is Employer Branding?

In a nutshell, employer branding boils down to whatever you use to portray your company as an attractive place to work. This could be anything from a jobs page with videos of happy employees to a word-of-mouth reputation for great perks. This is how a company earns a reputation — positive or negative — within the job market and greatly affects the interest that jobseekers have in open positions. Employer branding can have far-reaching effects on a business and often begins at the executive level.

When employer branding is weak or non-existent, it naturally becomes more difficult to attract and retain talent. In contrast, great employer doesn’t just make it easier to recruit — it also serves as a balance of the rewards and benefits offered to employees, incentivizing them to operate at peak performance. Companies devoted to strong employer branding must demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of its workers from the start, and should continue working to not only serve customers, but also employees.

How Do You Do It?

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how employer branding can impact recruitment, we expect you’re wondering how you can take action now to ensure that your organization bolsters its own profile on the job market. So let’s delve into some key strategies you can use to do just that.

  • Offer something special to employees: If you hope to connect to prospective workers, you first need to give your current employees a great work experience. For some companies, this could be a beautiful office space, fun team building events, or impressive perks and benefits. Then, you can show off your great company culture and garner positive PR that will foster the employer brand externally.
  • Tackle cultural issues head-on: As anyone who has dealt with a tough Glassdoor review knows, lingering problems that threaten your company’s internal culture could eventually hurt your recruiting efforts. Empower your employees with a clear sense of purpose, a reasonable measure of independence within the workplace and the skills they need to thrive. It may be common sense to proclaim that your employees will respect a company that treats them right, but it’s true. If something stands in the way of that, don’t hesitate to take action.
  • Let employee advocacy take hold: Your employees are the best spokespeople you could hope for when it comes to recruitment. Just imagine the power in a staff that is so empowered and thrilled with their employer that they cannot help but share the positive experience they’re having. What a recruitment tool! Furthermore, reach out to your workforce for guidance in your recruiting efforts. Let them share their stories with you, and it could very well help you determine the best way to attract top talent to your company.
  • Create your brand: Now that you’ve proven you’re a great company to work for, it’s time to show it off. Create a brand identity and build out a company jobs page that shows off everything great about your company. Include photos, testimonials, and anything else that you think may attract great candidates. That way, every time a candidate applies, they see immediate evidence of your fantastic culture.

Brand New You

Once a company establishes itself as an entity that workers can be proud to call their employer, the results will inevitably follow. Employer branding may take a bit of work up front, but the power of creating a deeper identity for your company is well worth the effort when it comes to attracting new workers.

No matter how you’ve tailored the hiring process to your company, we cannot stress the importance of employer branding enough. By allowing prospective employees to know precisely what your company stands for, you’ll open yourself up to more willing applicants and, even more importantly, will be far more likely to attract the right individuals who match your company’s mission and cultural impact. It’s time to start now.

Omer Molad

Omer Molad

Omer Molad is a visionary entrepreneur leading the charge in revolutionizing the hiring landscape as the Co-founder and CEO of Vervoe. With a diverse career spanning roles in corporate finance at the National Australia Bank and service in the Israel Defense Forces, Omer brings a wealth of leadership experience to his role. Driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Omer co-founded Vervoe to address a common pain point in hiring processes - the mismatch between candidates' skills and their real-world performance. Through Vervoe's AI-powered skill testing platform, Omer has helped countless companies streamline their hiring processes and identify top talent efficiently. Outside of his role at Vervoe, Omer actively mentors entrepreneurs and contributes to the entrepreneurial community through organizations like Startup Grind and Inspiring Rare Birds. With his strategic vision and dedication to merit-based hiring, Omer is reshaping the future of recruitment.

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