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Screen candidates by automatically testing skills

Add Vervoe skills assessments as the first stage of your new job and hire great people every single time

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90% Faster time to hire

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67% reduced turnover

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98% candidate satisfaction

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Unlock better candidates faster

Our customizable skill assessments can be sent directly into your SmartRecruiters account to help you validate the skills of candidates instantly.

From sales to design and everything in between our assessment unlocks the technical, software-specific, and soft skills of your talent pool.

Real-time updates keep you informed of candidates’ progression and their complete skill profile and response data are sent to the relevant stage of your SmartRecruiters job.

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Simple integration

With over 300 ready to use assessment templates in our library and a powerful machine learning builder at your fingertips you can create an expert assessment in minutes.

Integrating Vervoe assessments into your SmartRecruiters workflow happens in a few simple clicks so you can enhance your hiring process in days not weeks.

  • Candidate’s assessment activity, responses, and grading are easily viewed in your SmartRecruiters workflow so there’s no need to manage multiple logins


  • Vervoe’s candidate profile card is embedded in SR so you can review, manually grade, and leave comments without leaving SR