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The best hiring decisions are made when candidates
'show, not tell'.

The vervoe platform is unbiased, prevents cheating, and provides real-world immersive skill-based hiring solutions for tech, finance, marketing, sales, and customer service roles
Logos of companies that use vervoe as either a standalone platform, with partner integrations, or through api credentialing: ibm skillsbuild, dentsu, kroll, omnicom, trinet, consensys, myob, walmart

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AI-powered grading and ranking you can trust

Vervoe’s job simulations and skills assessments use an intuitive machine learning AI to grade and rank candidates so you can see the best rise to the top in minutes, not hours.

Not all AI is created equal. Find out what makes ours a game-changer for organizations just like yours.

A candidate being graded by vervoe's certified unbiased ai scoring system
Two hiring managers using vervoe's skills-based assessment library to replace their own case study hiring process

A library of 300+ ready-to-use skills assessments

Not sure what skills to test or how to test them? No problem. Our experts have created a growing library of assessments that are tailor-made for your role and ready to use with pre-written questions that simulate on-the-job tasks. Just select your assessment, invite candidates, and watch Vervoe do the rest.

Realistic job simulations purpose-built for your role

Give candidates a realistic preview of a day on the job at your organization with immersive, purpose-built job simulations that test skills in the exact context they’ll be used. See how customer support candidates respond to tickets in a Zendesk-like environment, or how cybersecurity candidates solve network security issues, all within a live terminal.

A candidate using vervoe’s cs work simulation
Vervoe's integration partners include: icims, comeet, pageup, job adder, lever, oracle, greenhouse, smartrecruiters

Seamless integration with your chosen workflow

Pipe assessments directly into your ATS or existing hiring workflow and combine Vervoe with your favorite tools. From SmartRecruiters to Workday, we can integrate with an impressive array of ATS’ so you can add skills assessments and job simulations at any stage in your recruitment process.

Skills validation and credentialing via API

Save time by seamlessly embedding Vervoe’s comprehensive skills assessments and job simulations into your product without building from scratch through our API. White label any talent platform from job boards, skills credentialing, student portals, and chatbots.

Ibm skillbuild, seek, and certsy have taken advantage of vervoe's api to validate and certify user skills on their platforms.

Here’s proof of our impact

A quote from danial stockdale, ta director at dentsu: i'm not aware of a comparable competitor to vervoe
A quote from michael round, talent advisor at myob: i would absolutely recommend vervoe for businesses small and large

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The vervoe platform provides a marketing manager with the hiring outcomes they need

Identify great workers with market-leading skill tests and job simulations

Predict job performance and hire with confidence using Vervoe’s skill testing and job simulations platform.