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Everything You Need To Know About Skill Testing

This article will tell you everything you need to know about skills testing and job simulations with Vervoe. Learn how toset up and use day-in-the-life skill tests in your hiring and pre-employment processes. This comprehensive guide to online skills stesting even includes templates for recruiting and other online tools to help you get started today!

Assessments are mobile-friendly and engaging so your candidates will enjoy the process and you’ll spend less time on unsuitable applicants. Instead of manually reviewing resumes you’ll end up with a list of candidates ranked in order of their performance.

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Inclusive Futures Recording

Did you catch Daniel Stockdale, Dentsu’s ANZ Talent Acquisition Director on the main stage on Day 1 at his much anticipated session 'Inclusive Futures: AI's Impact On Recruitment'? Here's the recording from his uplifting story on how this major global advertising agency overcame talent shortages and attrition issues once they redesigned and disrupted a traditional process. Talk to the Vervoe team if you want the same results.

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Dentsu & Vervoe Case Study

Want even more detail of this hiring transformation, in a more visual format that’s easy to digest and share? Find out everything you need to know about how Dentsu is using Vervoe for their roles to create realistic job previews, reduce bias in candidate selection, and improve retention.

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Shortlisting Matrix, Skills Gap Analysis

Is your organization future-ready? Don’t leave success to chance. Strategically navigate the evolving landscape by identifying and addressing crucial skills gaps. Use this skills gap analysis template to identify and plan to mitigate skill gaps in your workforce or talent pipeline.

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Navigate your hiring transitions seamlessly. Learn 'How to introduce skill-based screening'
to your new workplace