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CareerTech podcast: interview with Omer Molad and product demo with Damon Gage

On the CareerTech podcast, Ryan Rhoten spoke with Vervoe CEO, Omer Molad, and Vervoe Head of Sales, Damon Gage.

Ryan, a Vervoe customer himself, spoke with Omer and Damon about:

  • Why Vervoe was founded
  • Vervoe’s values
  • How Vervoe works
  • How Vervoe generates evaluation content
  • Why résumés don’t work and why skill testing is better
  • How Vervoe benefits candidates
  • How Vervoe uses machine learning
  • How Vervoe reduces bias in hiring
  • How Vervoe’s sales team positions the story with customers

You can listen to the podcast interview here:

After the podcast interview, Damon did a product demo, including:

  1. Vervoe’s candidate experience
  2. A sample Talent Trial
  3. Vervoe’s employer or recruiter experience
  4. Vervoe’s Talent Trial Library

Here is a video of the product demo:



AI-powered skill testing to make hiring about merit, not background

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