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How MYOB Hires Top Performers

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MYOB is an innovative software company whose mission is to help other businesses succeed through simplifying accounting, payroll, client management, website services, and much more. They are market leaders in development and technology and wanted a recruitment process that reflected the ethos, culture and revolutionary nature of the business.

The old way

MYOB’s recruitment process was like many other customers who come to Vervoe looking for a better way of doing things. The Talent Acquisition team spent most of their time screening resumes, conducting phone interviews and inviting up to 60 candidates to assessment centres. Due to the ineffective process of identifying candidate’s suitability for the role through resumes, only an average of 8% of candidates who attended assessment centres would be offered a role with the company. 

Why Vervoe?

Vervoe’s fully customisable and seamless platform was attractive to MYOB as it enabled them to inject company values, culture and fun into the recruitment process. They wanted to be able to show candidates what it would be like to work at MYOB and really connect with lots of candidates in the process. Vervoe’s ability to stack rank candidates based on their skills and execution on the role was attractive to MYOB to identify potential high performing candidates without having to read through hundreds of resumes and conduct hours of phone screening.

The data

Since implementing Vervoe’s skills assessments in the recruitment process, not only has MYOB invited less candidates to assessment centres but they have experienced a noticeable improvement in the calibre of candidates who do attend, as well as increasing the amount of offers to around 50-60%. 

The most profound results that have been demonstrated is the on the job performance from employees that were hired through the platform compared to benchmark key performance indicators. MYOB have found that candidates who were hired through Vervoe have a sales conversion that is 4% above the benchmark, their customer satisfaction scores are 11% higher, and their performance on resolving customer issues on the first call is 7% above benchmark standards. 

These figures demonstrate Vervoe’s predictive validity that candidates hired through the platform outperform individuals who aren’t. It also allows hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists to identify potential high performing candidates to focus their efforts to, reducing time in the hiring process.

Accounts from the Talent Acquisition team at MYOB have also highlighted the increase in diversity in the employees that have been hired through Vervoe. One candidate with a vision impairment was provided with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities alongside every other candidate and excelled in the online skills assessment. 

In addition to these results, the Talent Acquisition team have reported that they have significantly more time to invest in attracting the right candidates to the organisation, as well as internal initiatives and projects to enhance the MYOB recruitment strategy

Candidates also found the experience to be engaging:

The process was pleasant and not too overwhelming, providing good insight in to the organisation as well as asking good analytical questions.

– MYOB candidate

This interview combined “high touch” with “high tech” in an extremely positive fashion unlike that which I have ever experienced. Well done!

– MYOB candidate

The interview was detailed where I come to know about the environment and culture of MYOB. On the same time I was able to showcase my skill in the real life problems that we face in the working environment.

– MYOB candidate

MYOB have now implemented a recruitment process that represents their innovative culture and has an unfair advantage of hiring high performing individuals. Skills assessments are a valuable tool in identifying strong candidates from the outset of the recruitment process and providing Talent Acquisition specialists with more time to focus on company-wide initiatives.

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