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The remote refresh: Mastering the new reality of recruitment

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Remote work was something forced upon many organizations during the pandemic. 

Whether it was working from home, from a different state, or from a different country, employees and businesses of all stripes embraced this new style of work. 

Now, as some organizations return to the office, a significant number of workers are demanding to continue working remotely. Creating yet another challenge hirers need to overcome as they navigate the ongoing skills shortage, and search for great candidates to fill open roles. 

But creating an environment for remote workers to thrive requires more than just a Zoom account. To attract, select, and retain great remote workers, you may need to rethink your recruitment process fundamentally. 

In this webinar, we’re joined by Head of Talent Acquisition at Galileo, Kristin Cherico Dean, to talk through everything your organization needs to consider to become remote-ready. 

From adjusting your employee value proposition to identifying remote employee benefits, to creating a remote-friendly onboarding process, this easy-to-digest session will cover it all, and get your business ready to go remote.

Kristin Cherico Dean

Kristin is Head of Talent and Remote Leader at Galileo. 

She’s worked at the company since 2021, helping the healthcare startup in its mission to deliver affordable, quality healthcare for all by combining intuitive design with clinical expertise. 

She was previously at Stich Fix for five years where she rose to Director of Recruiting. 

And spend three years at American Eagle Outfitters, working in talent acquisition.

30 mins
Kristin Cherico Dean - Head of Talent, Remote Leader at Galileo
Kristin Cherico Dean
Head of Talent, Remote Leader
Dom Hennequin - Content Marketing Manager at Vervoe
Dom Hennequin
Content Marketing Manager

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