Should personality assessments be used in hiring?

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Personality assessments have long been hailed as the magic eight ball in predicting how well someone will perform in a role.

But, what purpose were personality assessments designed for? And why have companies have become attached to using them as pre-employment screening tools? 

Thanks to a recent HBO documentary, the use of personality assessments and the bias they might perpetuate has become a hot topic again. 

Join Omer Molad, Co-founder and CEO, alongside our expert panelists as we debate the merits of using personality assessments in the hiring process. 

About our panelists

Dr. Orin Davis
Orin is a self-actualization engineer and HR advisor who is the Principal Consultant at the Quality of Life Laboratory.

Hallie Bregman, Ph.D
Hallie is the Global Head of People Analytics, PTC, and a pioneer in using data to elevate equity in the workplace.

Patrik Remann
Patrik is responsible for Strategic Hiring and HR at Watma Education, with a recently published study,  Personality tests in recruitment.

Kelly Ryan Bailey
Founder & CEO of Skills Baby, and Global Skills Evangelist at Emsi, who is passionate about facilitating the change to skills-based hiring.

60 mins
Dr. Orin Davis
Principal Consultant
Quality of Life Laboratory
Should personality assessments be used in hiring?
Hallie Bregman
Global Head of People Analytics
Should personality assessments be used in hiring?
Patrik Remann
Strategic Hiring and HR
Watma Education
Should personality assessments be used in hiring?
Kelly Ryan Bailey
Founder & CEO
Skills Baby
Omer Molad
Co-founder and CEO

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