How to use skills-based hiring for all roles — from apprentices to COOs

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When hiring entry-level roles, focusing on experience and education often isn’t productive. 

If candidates are young, they may not yet have spent much time in the workforce, so their resumes will be light. And, depending on the type of work you’re offering, their educational background might not span far beyond high school, and might not even be relevant.

So, if you’re building an apprenticeship program, you’re going to need an alternative to these traditional hiring methods.

Andy Seth, founder of Flow, and a new apprenticeship platform called Apprentix, understands this and has successfully transitioned his recruitment process to be centered around skills. 

Using Vervoe, he’s getting apprenticeship candidates to complete skills assessments that test their ability to perform relevant job-related tasks, ranking their results against other candidates, and making it easy for companies to create and manage apprenticeships. 

In fact, he’s found this skills-based hiring approach so successfully, that he recently hired a COO using the same method.

In this webinar, Andy joins Vervoe’s Dom Hennequin to unpack the power of skills-based hiring, how he’s scaled the practice using Vervoe, and how the approach is versatile enough to suit any role, from the workbench to the boardroom.

Thursday, July 21 at 8:00am
Wednesday, July 20 at 6:00pm
Wednesday, July 20 at 3:00pm
45 mins
Andy Seth - Founder at FLOW, Apprentix
Andy Seth
Flow, Apprentix
Dom Hennequin - Content Marketing Manager at Vervoe
Dom Hennequin
Content Marketing Manager

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