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How to hire VAs at scale using AI-powered skills assessments

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Virtual assistants — or VAs, as they’ve become known — are presenting an interesting new challenge for hirers. 

A growing number of businesses and individuals are recruiting these freelance remote workers to help with everything from bookkeeping to social media to customer service. And oftentimes they’re finding them through placing companies that match the right workers with the right businesses. 

But guaranteeing competence is hard — especially for a workforce that’s completely remote. So, how do these placing companies assess the skills of VAs to ensure their ability to fulfill the requirements of clients?

Will Wang is the founder and head of growth marketing at Growth Labz. He’s using Vervoe to assess the skills of VAs at scale. 

In this webinar, he’ll chat with Vervoe’s Dom Hennequin to share the different roles he’s used Vervoe to assess VAs for, and how the platform has helped him rank his talent pool on their ability to complete different tasks.

Will Wang

Will is the Founder and CEO of Growth Labz — a results-focused marketing agency that specializes in helping B2B companies get qualified leads and “dream clients”. Will is a copywriter who regularly creates email campaigns that get 75%+ open rates and 25%+ reply rates.

45 mins
Will Wang - Founder, Head of Growth at Growth Labz
Will Wang
Founder, Head of Growth
Growth Labz
Dom Hennequin - Content Marketing Manager at Vervoe
Dom Hennequin
Content Marketing Manager

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