How to hire sales reps that hit targets.

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How do you tell if your sales candidates are good at selling or just good at selling themselves?

Being professional communicators and influencers, Sales professionals are typically very good at interviewing. Cut through the fluff and build a real-world sales exercise that will help reveal the truth.

This practical workshop will teach you how to identify and test the key skills that your next sales hire needs in order to hit targets.

Hosted by Stacie Garland, part of our in-house organisational psychology team and Chloe Blackman, our resident sales expert.

This session will cover

  • Identifying what skills your ideal sales candidate should possess
  • Writing your perfect sales job description
  • Building a skills assessment to predict on-job performance
  • Questions to ask in an interview
  • A live, review of a real users sales candidate assessments that got results

Plus, there will be dedicated Q&A time, we promise.

60 mins
How to hire sales reps that hit targets.
Stacie Garland
Talent Solutions Consultant
How to hire sales reps that hit targets.
Chloe Blackman
Senior Account Executive

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