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How Prosper Insurance Revolutionized Their Hiring Efficiency and Employee Retention with Vervoe

Virginia Beach, VA
"Vervoe has helped me get a more accurate feel for the candidate and it has helped hiring managers be able to view the candidates responses before going into a second interview"

Prosper Insurance, a thriving US-headquartered insurance company, was on a mission to build a dynamic team of sales and customer service professionals. Prosper employs about 100 people annually, with a goal to add an additional 15 to 30 new hires each year. Prosper Insurance faces unique challenges in identifying candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also the motivation and drive to excel in their roles.

Prosper’s Criteria

Identifying standout sales agents who align with the company’s growth vision and culture posed a significant hiring challenge for Prosper Insurance. The sales role is a demanding job, where employees have to balance clients, referral partners, and navigating the ever-changing insurance regulations. Recognizing the importance of pinpointing candidates’ drive, motivation, and skill set, the company aimed to create a rigorous selection process that could accurately assess and predict these qualities on the job.

Embracing Vervoe’s Framework

Vervoe’s platform has been instrumental in recruiting for sales agent roles for Prosper and other insurance companies Prosper partners with.

Vervoe, an innovative skill assessment and job simulation platform, stepped in as a game-changer for Prosper Insurance. By offering a more accurate depiction of candidate capabilities, Vervoe enabled hiring managers to preview candidates’ responses before progressing to the second interview stage. 

“Vervoe has helped me get a more accurate feel for the candidate and it has helped hiring managers be able to view the candidates’ responses before going into a second interview,” Pamela Camper, Talent Acquisition, Prosper Insurance.

This also in turn made the candidates better-prepared for interviews and what the role at Prosper would entail, which ultimately expedited the shortlisting and selection process.

Prosper Insurance embraced Vervoe’s framework but created its own original and customized assessments as the ideal solution to tailor questions to the company’s specific needs for each position. The platform’s assessment library allowed the team to select and craft assessments that honed in on the attributes vital to their hiring objectives. Notably, an original assessment designed for the sales role laid the foundation for subsequent assessments, enabling customization based on evolving requirements.

Remarkable Results & Impact

The implementation of Vervoe has far-reaching benefits for Prosper Insurance. Not only has the company established unique brand identities for various roles and built customized assessments, but it has also bridged the gap between candidates’ skill sets and hiring manager expectations. Unlike traditional assessments, Vervoe empowers candidates to genuinely showcase their strengths, enhancing the selection process.

Prosper Insurance transformed its hiring journey with Vervoe’s assistance. The refined process spans the Application, Recruiter Screen, Assessment, Hiring Manager Interview, and Offer stages. 

Prior to Vervoe, Prosper Insurance heavily relied on personality testing but saw a lack of correlation between assessment scores and actual job performance. Transitioning away from such testing, which included using Criteria assessments, was driven by the desire to enhance efficiency and employee retention.

“Vervoe has been beneficial in helping me recruit for other insurance companies, not just for Prosper. It has allowed me to build a brand for each company, create unique assessments for each company and position, and help relay the candidates’ skill sets to the hiring managers before they ever meet the candidate. I really think Vervoe allows a candidate to “sell” themselves, unlike other assessments.” Pamela Camper, Talent Acquisition, Prosper Insurance. 

Prosper Insurance reported favorable feedback from hiring managers who recognized the benefits of Vervoe’s assessments. The company achieved its goals of efficiency gains and employee retention, making the hiring process smoother, more data-driven, and aligned with its vision of building a talented and motivated team.

In conclusion, Prosper Insurance’s partnership with Vervoe has yielded tangible improvements in their hiring process, fostering a well-matched and motivated team that drives the company’s growth. Through customized assessments, improved candidate evaluation, and streamlined recruitment, Prosper Insurance has elevated its recruitment strategy to new heights.

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