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How Team Global Express Cut Hiring Time in Half and Boosted Diversity with Vervoe

Logistics & Supply Chain
Melbourne, AU
"We're seeing a huge improvement in candidate quality and a reduction in the recruitment timeline."

The Challenge

Team Global Express (TGE), a prominent player in the logistics industry, faced significant challenges in their recruitment process. For years, the process was outsourced, slow, and cumbersome, involving traditional methods such as CV screening, phone interviews, and assessment centers. This inefficiency led to frustration among candidates and hiring managers alike. Moreover, TGE struggled to properly assess candidates’ safety mindsets—a critical component for the company.

TGE also recognised a lack of diversity within the organisation, including generational diversity and the representation of women and people of color. In today’s competitive job market, recruiting for generational diversity is essential for fostering a dynamic and innovative workforce. By actively seeking talent from various groups, TGE realised they could leverage a wide array of skills, experiences, and perspectives. This approach also aims to attract top talent, drive engagement, and build a cohesive, inclusive work environment that thrives on diversity.

Recognising these issues, TGE decided to bring recruitment back in-house, aiming to streamline their processes and create a more efficient and inclusive hiring experience. The goal was clear: enhance diversity, improve candidate quality, and increase overall efficiency.

How team global express cut hiring time in half and boosted diversity with vervoe 1

The Turning Point

In late 2023, TGE sought a solution to revamp their recruitment process. They partnered with Vervoe, an innovative company specialising in AI-driven assessments. This collaboration marked a significant turning point for TGE.

TGE engaged both internal and external stakeholders to identify pain points and set actionable goals. Internally, they gathered insights from hiring managers, recruiters, and other team members. Externally, Vervoe’s expertise in AI-driven assessments became pivotal.

The integration of Vervoe’s platform into TGE’s recruitment process aimed to replace traditional methods with more advanced, data-driven assessments. This transition was particularly focused on several key roles: Customer Service Contact Centre, Dock Hand, Forklift Driver, and Driver.

The Transformation

Diversity and inclusion became a cornerstone of TGE’s recruitment strategy. By using Vervoe’s assessment tools, TGE ensured every candidate had the opportunity to showcase their skills and potential, regardless of background. Vervoe’s standardised evaluations helped eliminate biases, encouraging non-traditional candidates to apply for roles where they had the requisite skills. It gave candidates who had never worked in the industry an opportunity to be considered, but also provided them with a realistic view of what it was like to work at TGE and ultimately helped boost applications. 

With Vervoe, TGE gained over 1,095 hours of enhanced AI insights into candidate skills, offering a depth of analysis unattainable through human screening alone. This allowed TGE to evaluate both hard and soft skills asynchronously, leading to better-informed hiring decisions. The Vervoe-to-hire conversion rate improved, with hiring managers reporting higher satisfaction with the candidates presented for interviews.

The automation of initial screening processes drastically reduced the time and resources required for candidate evaluation. Pre-Vervoe, the average time to hire was 63 days. Post-Vervoe, this decreased to 30 days. Since implementation TGE has saved 157 hours on CV screening and 445 hours on phone screening. 

How team global express cut hiring time in half and boosted diversity with vervoe 2

Candidate and Hiring Manager Feedback

The transformation of TGE’s recruitment process was reflected in the feedback received from both candidates and hiring managers. Candidates appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate their skills through interactive and engaging formats. They reported a better understanding of job requirements and valued the thoughtful, skill-based evaluation process.

Some feedback highlights included:

  • “Each question gave me more understanding of the job position and requirements and was a learning experience. I also appreciated the time given to think about my answers and give a well-reasoned and eloquent response.” – Contact Centre Candidate
  • “It is not a normal survey, it really made me think and pushed me to be more creative.” – Dock Hand Candidate
  • “The questions were directly related to the job and are very important and crucial to the role of a forklift operator.” – Forklift Driver Candidate

Hiring managers also expressed their satisfaction:

  • “I’m impressed with the caliber of candidates I’m interviewing. They’re prepared and aligned with what I’m looking for.”
  • “We’re seeing a significant improvement in candidate quality. Great work, team!”
  • “We’re seeing a huge improvement in candidate quality and a reduction in the recruitment timeline.”

The Results

The results of the past six months have been overwhelmingly positive. The average time to hire was reduced from 63 days to 30 days, with significant time savings in CV and phone screening. The candidate satisfaction score (CSAT) reached an impressive 4.50 out of 5, reflecting the positive experience of candidates throughout the recruitment process. TGE also promoted diversity by focusing on recruiting women and people of color, creating a more inclusive workforce.

How team global express cut hiring time in half and boosted diversity with vervoe 3


Team Global Express’s journey with Vervoe exemplifies the potential of modern assessment platforms to revolutionise traditional hiring practices. By integrating Vervoe, TGE optimised its recruitment process, enhancing diversity, quality, and efficiency. Continuous improvement and training ensure sustained success, positioning TGE as a leader in innovative recruitment practices. This transformation not only attracts top talent but also ensures that new hires are well-matched to their roles, leading to higher retention and job satisfaction.

As TGE continues to refine and expand its use of Vervoe, it anticipates even greater strides in achieving its strategic hiring goals. This story is a testament to the power of technology in creating a fair, efficient, and enjoyable hiring process.

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