Staffing Coordinator Skills Assessment

Staffing Coordinator Skills Assessment

Assessment Summary
Staffing Coordinators are responsible for planning and implementing staffing solutions for a business. This includes assisting with the hiring process, creating work schedules, monitoring employee performance, and preparing daily staffing reports.
Skills tested in this assessment
The skills tested in this Assessment for a Staffing Coordinator test to see whether the candidate is able to communicate to stakeholders verbally and if they hold the written skills to communicate well electronically. We tested to see if the candidate is detail orientated and whether they are organized to perform everyday efficiently.
What to test with this assessment
You can expect to learn whether the candidate has the ability to communicate verbally and through email communication, if they understand recruitment and hiring, and if they are organized. You will learn if the candidate is detail-oriented.

About the Staffing Coordinator Skills Assessment

Want to hire the best Staffing Coordinator to help your business? Use our expert Staffing Coordinator skills test to hire the best person and never make another bad hire.

The role of a Staffing Coordinator is essential in overseeing, planning and implementing staffing solutions in all kinds of businesses. They work to assist with hiring and handle all tasks relating to employees and employee performance.

This Staffing Coordinator test assesses whether job candidates have all of the necessary skills to work with the HR team to manage employees and assist with all activities related to employee management. This can include having exceptional organization skills, being detail-oriented and a strong communicator.

Candidates who perform well on this Staffing Coordinator skills assessment will have all the technical skills to pay close attention to detail and be meticulous in the way that they operate. They will also have the necessary soft skills to be able to effectively communicate with all stakeholders and remain organized at all times.


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Question Type



Question Type: Video

It's your first day at your new job. At the Monday morning meeting, you are asked to introduce yourself to the rest of the team, including the company Director who is sitting in on the meeting. Please record and upload a video of yourself doing this.
Question Type


Detail Oriented

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Find the two identical codes and select the corresponding letter below.
Question Type



Question Type: Document

Human Resources have started a new project to revamp the current recruitment process to help reduce time and cost of hire to implement a new company-wide solution. Use the attached Word Doc to brainstorm your ideas for an efficient recruitment process that could help with these metrics.

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