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The Top 10 AI Recruitment Tools to Attract the Best Candidates

Today, more companies leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business outcomes. One of such key areas is recruitment and talent acquisition. By integrating AI into the hiring process, companies can save time, increase response rates, and channel additional resources to other important tasks.

In this article, we’ll review the top 10 AI recruitment tools you can use to attract the best candidates. 

But first…

The top 10 ai recruitment tools to attract the best candidates 1

What are AI recruitment tools?

AI recruitment tools are applications that use artificial intelligence to automate, enhance, and streamline various parts of the recruitment process. From sourcing to screening and onboarding, these tools allow companies to leverage the power of data to make better hiring decisions.

Recruiting teams use different components of AI to optimize the hiring process. Some of these components include:

  • Machine learning: This AI component trains itself to source top talents based on keywords, job descriptions, and other parameters important to the business.
  • Cognitive computing: Combined with machine learning, this AI feature manages recruitment marketing and candidate assessments sections of the hiring cycle.
  • Neural networks: Neural networks work collaboratively with deep learning and robotics to reduce AI hiring bias and enhance the job description, job search, and interview process.

Why are AI recruitment tools rising in popularity?

According to Maximize Market Research, the AI recruitment market is expected to grow from $661.56 million in 2023 to $1.119 billion by 2030. As AI becomes more accessible and affordable, many companies are learning how to integrate AI-based support tools into their daily hiring tasks. 

Here are some reasons why AI recruitment tools are rising in popularity.

  1. Save time and resources: Recruiting managers use AI to scale, automate, and manage repetitive hiring tasks, while small businesses use AI to reduce cost-per-hire rates.
  2. Improve applicant experience: Companies can improve the applicant’s experience when they use AI recruitment tools to conduct quick assessments, hold quality conversations, and quickly follow up with top candidates.
  3. Hire quality talent: By integrating AI into traditional recruiting methods, hiring teams can use extensive data and analytics to make better hiring decisions.
  4. Reduce recruitment bias: Hiring managers use AI recruitment tools to craft inclusive job descriptions, detect subtle biases in job calls, and gain insights into the affected demographics.

What should you look for in an AI Recruitment Tool?

Before you choose an AI recruitment tool for your business, here are some criteria to consider.

  1. Intuitive user interface: The recruitment tool should be easy to understand, with clean dashboards that make navigation easier.
  2. Customization and scalability: You should be able to build custom templates, screening parameters, and automated recruitment workflows that match your current and future recruitment processes.
  3. Automation: Look for AI features that can automate and scale tasks like sourcing candidates, screening resumes quickly, engaging candidates via chatbots, scheduling interviews, and grading applicants.
  4. Third-party integrations: Look for AI tools that can easily integrate with your current applicant tracking systems (ATS), HR management systems, and other recruitment software. 
  5. Reporting and analytics: The tool should be able to provide insights about how effective a recruitment process is, measure hiring-related costs (e.g., cost-per-hire and time-to-hire), and collate applicant feedback. 

Even though you know what to look for, choosing the right AI tool for your hiring needs can be tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled an overview of the top 10 AI recruiting tools businesses and hiring teams use to score top candidates.


1. Vervoe

Vervoe homepage


Vervoe is an AI-powered job simulation platform that uses skill assessments to discover competent candidates. Rather than relying solely on presentations and resumes, companies use Vervoe to design assessments that accurately evaluate each applicant’s ability to perform in a given role.

Furthermore, the software uses machine learning to score, rank, and categorize applicants based on specific requirements. Even better, hiring managers can also leverage Vervoe to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Additionally, companies can test candidates however they see fit through different assessment mediums like text, video calls, and audio. These flexible assessment formats help hiring managers measure how applicants can perform in different situations.

Use case/ideal user

Vervoe is an all-in-one skills testing platform that hiring managers can use to perform robust skill assessments and job simulation tests. The AI recruitment tool has many use cases across different industries — including BPO, technology, healthcare, and government.

Whether you’re a startup looking for multi-talented employees, a small business that wants to hire right, or an enterprise with high-volume recruitment needs, you can use Vervoe’s robust testing system to identify and hire top talents. 

Vervoe Pricing

  • Free: only available for seven days
  • Pay As You Go: one-time payment, which varies according to the number of candidates
  • Custom: contact the sales team for a quotation

Vervoe Pros

  • The user interface is simple and friendly
  • The platform has a question bank that recruiters can reuse whenever the need arises
  • The platform’s features are flexible and easy to customize
  • It combines the power of AI and machine learning to develop, administer, score, and manage the entire assessment cycle

Vervoe Cons

  • Adaptive testing still requires upgrades like the ability to communicate with applicants directly

Our take

What sets Vervoe apart from other recruitment tools is its ability to facilitate tailored skills assessments and job simulations. By using Vervoe’s AI assessment test system, hiring managers can measure how effective a prospective candidate will be at a given role.

2. HireVue

Hirevue ai hiring assistant landing page


This end-to-end recruitment tool handles the entire recruiting process by combining conversational AI, video interviewing software, and AI-powered assessments. HireVue is particularly great for video interviews — allowing HR staff to conduct and record them conveniently. 

After recording, hiring managers can evaluate the candidate’s video responses at their convenience and share them with relevant stakeholders. You can also improve the quality of video interviews by using HireVue’s interview builder. It generates structured interview questions, templates, and evaluation guides that hiring teams can use to facilitate interviews.

Use case/ideal user

HireVue is a great fit for recruitment officers within large corporations who hire applicants in different regions. It’s also ideal for interviewing candidates in roles where social skills and mannerisms matter.

HireVue Pricing

HireVue Pros 

  • The platform has a simple and user-friendly interface 
  • HireVue’s conversational AI helps recruiters virtually evaluate a candidate’s social skills
  • Hiring managers can easily dial in and join interviews via voice or video

HireVue Cons

  • It’s difficult to share an interview schedule link to potential applicants via LinkedIn
  • Sending mass invitations to candidates can be a hassle

Our take

HireVue is a great tool for businesses that want to automate their hiring process, particularly when candidates operate remotely across different locations. It allows hiring teams to handle initial assessments and conduct/schedule video interviews. 

HireVue is also pretty adept at capturing a candidate’s behavioral characteristics and articulation. This serves as another layer of assessment and helps identify the best candidates. 

3. Jobvite

Jobvite ai recruitment landing page


This AI talent acquisition suite focuses on a marketing-inspired recruiting approach. Hiring managers use Jobvite to distribute job postings across hundreds of job boards and social media channels. Once done, they can measure performance to determine where their best candidates come from.

Additionally, businesses can communicate with external agencies from one central location, control job board spending, and increase posting efficiency. Jobvite also has an employee referral program that makes it easier for employees to make recommendations. 

This employee referral feature allows hiring managers to build a reliable database of internal referrals and find high-quality talent who will stay longer and perform better in the company.

Use case/ideal user

Jobvite is ideal for talent acquisition managers and hiring officers who need help distributing their job postings across different platforms. It’s also great for large corporations, public administrations, or mid-size businesses needing internal referrals to fill openings.

Jobvite Pricing

Jobvite Pros

  • Jobvite uses machine learning to match candidates to roles they qualify for within the company
  • The software offers great flexibility and personalization options
  • Hiring managers can keep track of all workflow pipelines and stay up to date with candidates via the activity dashboard
  • Hiring managers can use Jobvite’s sites builder to create a branded career site for their business

Jobvite Cons

  • Initial setup can be difficult 
  • Analytics and reporting dashboards require more customization
  • The requisition tab needs more customization for an easier setup

Our take

Jobvite is a great option for corporations and recruiting teams that rely on internal referrals to fill in-house roles. Additionally, hiring managers can use Jobvite’s career sites and automated messaging feature to increase the visibility of their job postings.

4. Manatal

Manatal ai recruitment landing page


Manatal is recruiting software that helps companies streamline and optimize their recruitment process through custom pipelines. Hiring managers can use Manatal’s AI search features and sourcing tools to find candidates who match the company’s description.

The best part? After sourcing potential candidates, Manatal’s AI engine provides matching recommendations, helping the hiring team speed up the recruitment process. Furthermore, hiring managers can run sponsored job advertisement campaigns and share their job postings across free and premium job boards.

Use case/ideal user

Manatal is a great fit for small businesses and non-profit organizations that need an affordable tool to source candidates and improve the follow-up process.

Manatal Pricing

  • Professional Plan: $19/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $39/user/month
  • Enterprise Plus Plan: $59/user/month
  • Custom Plan: contact the sales team for pricing

Note that every tier has a 14-day free trial period. During the trial period, organizations can access all features and dashboards available on the platform.

Manatal Pros

  • You can share job openings directly to job search websites and social media
  • Hiring managers can easily create custom application forms 
  • You can also create tasks, delegate, and track applicant progress through the hiring process
  • Grants access to internal collaborative tools and job posting templates
  • Companies can use Manatal’s website builder to build a branded career page

Manatal Cons

  • The tool only offers English and Spanish languages 
  • Custom features for building a career page are limited

Our take

Manatal is an excellent option for businesses that need an affordable AI recruitment tool. It’s also a great fit for small and medium organizations that want to drive visibility by using branded career web pages.

5. SmartRecruiters

Smartrecruiters landing page


This web-based recruiting application is a great no-code tool that allows organizations to build friendly career sites. What makes SmartRecruiters great is that companies can embed it into their website, giving their job application process a branded feel. This integration helps recruiting officers channel all interactions, data, and applications to one database.

Additionally, this open-source platform can seamlessly integrate with third-party ATS services, making it easier for hiring managers to track, respond, and resolve recruitment issues. If customization is key for your business, this is a great choice.

Use case/ideal user

SmartRecruiters is great for businesses that want to automate the job marketing process and direct candidates to a branded website. 

SmartRecruiters Pricing

SmartRecruiters Pros

  • Recruiters can share jobs across thousands of free and paid boards
  • Bulk candidate management is available
  • You can send invitations for self-scheduled interviews to candidates
  • Hiring managers can set and use match scores to filter applicants who don’t meet specific requirements

SmartRecruiters Cons

  • It can be difficult to reject an applicant from all requisitions at once
  • Templates are not easy to edit
  • It’s difficult to set custom access and privacy settings for team members

Our take

SmartRecruiters is a fantastic option for large organizations with high-volume recruitment needs. In addition, it helps small and medium-scale businesses drive brand visibility through branded career pages.

6. hireEZ

Hireez recruitment homepage


hireEZ is a powerful outbound marketing-focused recruitment tool that allows companies to source top-tier candidates. This platform searches across open-source profiles and other social platforms like LinkedIn to find candidates that match business requirements. 

Additionally, hiring managers can access many email templates, track hiring processes, and schedule interviews with top talent. Recruiting officers also use this AI tool to scrape social media, find contacts, and integrate with web platforms for advanced candidate search. Even better, hiring managers can search for multiple roles simultaneously, making it faster and easier to identify top talent. 

Furthermore, the software offers diverse features — search filters, automated reach-out sequences, robust reporting, and role-specific data insights — setting it apart from other traditional sourcing tools.

Use case/ideal user

HireEZ is particularly useful for large and mid-size corporations looking for passive candidates. It’s also great for smaller businesses and non-profits looking for niche candidates. 

hireEZ Pricing

hireEZ Pros 

  • The tool is effective in finding emails and contact details of candidates in specific industries 
  • You can build follow-up sequences that keep top candidates engaged
  • Sophisticated filters allow for diverse sourcing 
  • Smooth integration with third-party platforms like Lever

hireEZ Cons

  • Salary estimates aren’t always accurate
  • Available job titles might not be diverse enough for niche recruiters
  • LinkedIn integration is not seamless enough and can result in multiple duplicates

Our take

hireEZ is a great option for businesses that need to source candidates — recruiters can use its Boolean search functions to search third-party sites and databases. It’s also a great option for talent acquisition officers who want to reach passive candidates. 

7. Textio

Textio’s diversity recruiting homepage


Textio is an AI-powered recruitment tool organizations use to craft inclusive job descriptions and optimize hiring content. This platform helps to drive recruitment success by leveraging its key products: Textio Loop and Textio Lift. Textio Lift focuses more on your internal recruitment team, helping hiring managers provide unbiased feedback to team members.

Textio Loop, on the other hand, points out how different groups may react to a job posting and highlights areas within the job description where subtle racism, age bias, ableism, and corporate clichés may exist. This allows HR teams to create unique and unbiased job descriptions that resonate with potential candidates. 

Use case/ideal user

Textio is a great fit for talent acquisition specialists, regional hiring managers, international companies, and diversity/inclusion officers who want to hire diverse staff. It’s also a great option for corporations with high-volume recruitment needs.

Textio Pricing

  • Textio Loop: Contact sales team for pricing  
  • Textio Lift: Contact sales for pricing 

Textio Pros 

  • Builds inclusive job listings that attract diverse talents
  • Tracking and analytics dashboard helps hiring teams measure progress
  • Integration is available to support other ATS platforms
  • Extensive selection of job description templates to speed up the hiring cycle

Textio Cons

  • It doesn’t support other languages besides English
  • Integration with ATS platforms needs better upgrades

Our take

Textio is a great fit for businesses that want to improve diversity within their workforce. The AI recruitment tool makes it easier for hiring managers to craft inclusive job descriptions that are less likely to offend or exclude marginalized groups. 

In particular, Textio is a great tool for businesses that are expanding to new local markets and need to create inclusive job calls for local applicants.

8. Findem

Findem talent acquisition landing page


Findem is a data-driven web-based recruitment platform that uses AI to source, analyze, and sort candidates. It’s an excellent sourcing aggregator for talent acquisition teams who need more information about applicants. 

You can use the search function in multiple ways — upload a job description, add a LinkedIn profile, or conduct an advanced Boolean search. Additionally, hiring managers can break down searches based on location, use templates to build email campaigns, and create tags for better record-keeping. 

Use case/ideal user

Findem is a go-to for talent acquisition professionals who want to perform outbound recruitment or recruiting agencies who need to source talent and pass them on to the hiring company.

Findem Pricing

Findem Pros 

  • Easy to implement and send out outreach campaigns
  • The search function allows companies to source for candidates based on advanced criteria like years of experience, industry, and salary range
  • Ability to pause and edit outreach content without disrupting existing campaigns
  • Smooth integration with a variety of ATS platforms

Findem Cons

  • It can also be difficult to add sequences to your search workflow
  • The reporting dashboard doesn’t collate enough aggregate data

Our take

Findem is great for small companies that don’t have an internal recruiting team and need a tool to automate hiring. Companies can also use it to improve organizational diversity by developing strategies with talent pool insights, location maps, and diversity metrics.

9. Humanly 

Humanly ai recruitment homepage


Humanly is a conversational AI platform that automates and manages the conversations between recruiters and candidates. By conversing with candidates, companies can improve response rates and application turnover. 

The recruitment tool also uses ethical AI assistants and integrated systems at each stage to minimize bias. Additionally, you can conduct conversational AI-powered assessments, schedule conversations with candidates at different stages of the hiring process, and engage candidates at critical times.

Use case/ideal user

Companies use Humanly to humanize the hiring process and make recruiters more relatable to candidates. It’s also great for mid-size and large institutions without in-house recruiting teams to manage such conversational workload. 

Humanly Pricing

Humanly Pros

  • AI tool is easy to implement
  • Humanly helps recruiting teams to automate follow-ups and improve engagement
  • AI-generated summaries are available after every interview

Humanly Cons

  • It’s difficult to integrate the chatbot feature on the company’s website
  • Applicants can’t reschedule interviews if they need to, which makes recruiters miss out on potential talent

Our take

Humanly is a great option for recruiting teams that need to engage candidates in conversations but lack the manpower to do so. 

10. Paradox

Paradox homepage


Paradox is conversational AI recruitment software that hiring teams use to build automated recruitment flows. Recruiters can easily increase the reach of job postings by running programmatic advertisements, creating easy-to-share QR codes, and setting up customizable text-to-apply shortcodes. These interactive features help hiring teams develop creative job postings that attract candidates.

Furthermore, hiring teams can use Paradox to create conversational job application sites that help them measure a candidate’s technical and social skills. Hiring teams can also use Paradox’s conversational AI to respond to questions, guide applicants through the hiring process, and provide video/text resources candidates can consult.

Use case/ideal user

Paradox is ideal for companies whose hiring process requires a lot of conversations with applicants. It’s also a great fit for recruitment teams who handle large hiring volumes for technical roles that require multiple interview stages.

Paradox Pricing

Paradox Pros

  • Initial setup is easy, and a customer success manager is assigned to each company for additional support
  • Hiring managers can schedule, conduct, and manage entire recruitment processes using the conversational AI feature
  • Ability to integrate the AI-powered chatbot into the company’s website

Paradox Cons

  • Integration with other ATS platforms is not seamless
  • It’s sometimes difficult to add pictures within automated journeys

Our take

What sets Paradox apart is its ability to simulate human-like conversations, making it easier for recruiters to build hiring processes that reduce applicant turnover. 

Make Better Hiring Decisions With Vervoe’s AI-Powered Assessments

Whether you’re a small business owner or a multinational corporation, hiring competent employees can be challenging. It’s not enough for a candidate to look great on paper. The question is: how well can they perform within the role?

By equipping hiring teams with advanced AI recruitment tools like Vervoe, businesses can develop assessments that emulate real-world scenarios and use response data to make informed hiring decisions.

So, what’s stopping you? Make better hiring decisions by signing up for Vervoe today!

Raji Oluwaniyi

Raji Oluwaniyi

Raji Oluwaniyi is a seasoned Technical Content Writer at Vervoe with a rich background of over five years in the intersection of HR technology, consumer data protection, and SaaS. He has garnered significant recognition and has worked with industry stalwarts like TestGorilla, Brightlio, MakeUseOf, and Careerkarma. Oluwaniyi has a continuous drive to evolve and keep himself up to trend with the latest technology trends and best practices in writing. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is a genuine soccer fan and profoundly values his quality time with his close friends.

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