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10 Exceptional Recruiting Podcasts To Ramp Up Your Hiring in 2021

Imagine if you could develop your professional knowledge as a recruiter on-the-go, or from the comfort of your couch. Where you could learn from the best HR industry experts, without lifting a finger (or even paying a cent).

It’s all possible thanks to the advent of recruiting podcasts and HR podcasts. Podcasts have essentially democratized knowledge, so it’s little wonder that nearly 60% of US consumers currently listen to them

If you’re looking to learn more about how to excel as a recruiter, recruitment podcasts are a genre you should look into. But, admittedly, choosing from the huge selection of shows available is a daunting task. 

To help you zone in on the right one, we’ve rounded up the best hiring podcasts of 2021. Our selections will teach you all you need to be a top recruiter, by covering a range of relevant topics including recruitment strategy, digital transformation, and recruitment marketing. 

So, if you’re looking to ramp up your recruiting in 2021, keep reading. 

1. Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

Cover art for recruiting future with matt alder
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

Listen to Recruiting Future with Matt Alder on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

Want to learn how to future-proof your recruitment methods, so you can continue to hire top talent even in uncertain times? Remain in the know about how to effectively navigate the ever-changing world of talent acquisition with this podcast hosted by Matt Adler. 

Engaging and dynamic, Recruiting Future is one of the best podcasts for recruiters, focusing on innovation and futurology in recruiting, recruitment marketing, and HR technology. It’s not only one of the longest-running hiring podcasts around (it launched way back in January 2015), but it’s also one of the most captivating. Listening to it will help you transform into a hiring professional who relishes – not runs away from – digital transformation in HR. 

Must-listen episode

Episode 365 – Engagement In Executive Recruiting

“Engagement In Executive Recruiting” is the final episode of three in Recruiting Future’s executive search podcast mini-series. In this episode, Adler invites Eric Goldstein, Global Head of Executive Talent Attraction at SAP, to share his thoughts on the relationship between long-term talent engagement and executive recruiting. There’s also an interesting discussion on data-driven decision-making. Come prepared with a pen and paper, as you’ll be scribbling down plenty of notes.

Memorable quote

“I realized that startups sometimes are missing the small things, like in-between stages. You need to let those people [candidates] feel like you see them, you care about them, and you connect with them afterwards. You say something about the interview, you thank them for the time spent, and so on.”

Keren Halperin, VP of People at Swimm (Episode 369 – Recruitment Content Marketing)

2. Secrets of Staffing Success

Cover art for secrets of staffing success
Secrets of Staffing Success

Listen to Secrets of Staffing Success on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

Secrets of Staffing Success has all of the components necessary to become your go-to recruitment marketing podcast. For starters, it’s produced by Haley Marketing Group, an award-winning marketing agency that specializes in marketing for the staffing industry. 

Thanks to the podcast’s smart format and thought-provoking content, you’ll also learn a lot about recruitment marketing in a short time. The interview-focused episodes are great for anyone who appreciates hearing candid insights from industry thought leaders. There are also ‘InSights’ episodes, where you’ll discover Haley Marketing Group’s best recruitment marketing tips.

Must-listen episode

Episode 72: [InSights] Start Treating Your Content Like The Beatles

Are you wondering why your job slots aren’t working just like you want them to? This episode will give you the low-down on how you can evaluate their effectiveness. It’ll also equip you with some pro tips to give your company’s branded content the rockstar treatment. 

Memorable quote

“They’re [Millenials and Gen Z] much more focused on work as a means to live a full life. You have to adapt to their [ways of working] if you want the best of them, and you want them to be the future leaders of your company.”

Amy Bingham, President and Founder of Bingham Consulting (Episode 140: [Interview] Amy Bingham)

3. Hiring Success Podcast

Cover art for hiring success podcast
Hiring Success Podcast

Listen to Hiring Success Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

Those familiar with Jerome Ternync’s riveting Hiring Success book (one of our top 10 recruitment books) will already know the impact that the Hiring Success methodology has had on the HR world. Used by some of the world’s most successful organizations, it provides an innovative approach to recruiting and retaining great employees. 

The Hiring Success Podcast takes inspiration from Ternync’s forward-thinking approach to recruitment and packs it all into short, punchy technical recruiting podcast episodes. Aimed at talent acquisition leaders, the Hiring Success Podcast brings together some of the best thought leaders in the recruitment space. Some notable guests include Celinda Appleby, Global Talent Acquisition Director of VISA, and Steve Fogarty, Director of Talent Experience at Twitter.

Must-listen episode

Episode 7: Why Companies Should Offer Employee Training Programs 

In this episode, Tony Le, Getaround’s Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition, highlights the many reasons why businesses should consider implementing employee training programs. It’s a great reminder that top talent won’t stick around if you don’t give them a reason to as you need to support their success from the get-go. 

Memorable quote

“You have to have an adaptive mindset, in my experience, when managing change. You’re working with people… We’re idiosyncratic, we’re emotional, we don’t always think logically, we have different needs than you might think… So the first piece of advice that I’d give to somebody if you’re working to change behavior is that it’s not going to be a straight line.”

Jason Paradowski, Head of HR Services and Talent Acquisition at Bosch, North America (Episode 15 – Using Change Management as a Competitive TA Advantage)

4. The Staffing Show

Cover art for the staffing show
The Staffing Show

Listen to The Staffing Show on Pocket Casts or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

Alistair Neal, Adam Sprecher, and Jan Jedlinski. What do these inspiring business leaders have in common? They’ve all shared insights about staffing and recruitment on The Staffing Show. The reason we want to bring this to attention is that the guests make this podcast unmissable.

Some recruiting podcasts shine because of their well-known guests. However, the fact that you may not have heard of many of The Staffing Show’s guests is precisely what makes it worth listening to. As you’ll come to realize, just because some of them are lesser-known, doesn’t mean they don’t have groundbreaking things to say about everything from effective employee selection methods to recruitment technology.

Must-listen episode

Episode 51 – Adam Sprecher of Salo on Creating Meaningful Work

Do you often find yourself wondering how you can provide a better candidate experience? By the end of listening to this episode with guest Adam Sprecher of talent firm Salo, you’ll know exactly which steps you need to take to make it happen. 

Memorable quote:

“The biggest problem is staffing agencies can’t hire more recruiters. Most agencies out there are like, “We need more recruiters working for our agency,” and they simply can’t find them. Which is funny since you are a staffing agency, so you’d be able to find them. But there are just not the candidates available out there.”

Alistair Neal, Business Development at Paiger (Alistair Neal of Pager on Capitalizing on Social Media) 

5. The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Cover art for the chad & cheese show
The Chad & Cheese Show

Listen to The Chad & Cheese Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

One thing’s for certain: The Chad & Cheese Podcast isn’t your typical recruiting podcast. 

Just take a look at the podcasts’ often mischievous episode titles, which include, “Suck It, LinkedIn! Salesforce Acquires Slack” and “Indeed Suffocates Glassdoor?”.

The hosts themselves, Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash, brand it “HR’s most dangerous podcast”. Once you give it a listen for yourself, you’ll quickly agree that the slogan’s on the mark. The two vivacious industry experts don’t hold back when discussing the latest news on recruiting, human resources, and employment. So if you like your podcasts punchy, this is definitely one you’ll want to check out.

Must-listen episode

Vervoe Revisited

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but this episode featuring Vervoe’s co-founder and CEO, Omer Molad, really is worth committing to. After all, Vervoe was the first-ever survivor of Chad & Cheese’s Firing Squad, a podcast series where the hosts “act as judge, jury—and occasional executioner” for recruitment companies’ start-up pitches. Listen to discover all about how we’ve turned talent acquisition on its head.

Memorable quote

“There’s businesses that are using it [voice assistants], but they haven’t really translated that to HR and recruiting… But I think there’s plenty of opportunity to experiment with this and create some really interesting experiences for the potential talent pool and the candidates that might come to your organization for opportunities to really learn more about you.”

Gordon Collier, Founder of My Career Fit (Episode: Hey Alexa, Search Jobs…)

6. Recruiter Startup

Cover art for recruiter startup podcast
Recruiter Startup Podcast

Listen to Recruiter Startup on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

Do a quick search for “best recruitment podcasts in the UK” and you’ll see one name that keeps popping up: Recruiter Startup. Hosted by Dualta Doherty, a recruitment expert who works with high-growth recruitment agencies, the podcast is designed to empower listeners with the tools they need to “set up, scale, and operate a world-class recruitment company”.

One thing you’ll soon discover from listening is Doherty’s knack for connecting with his many noteworthy guests. His interview with Jonathan Kidder, Technical Recruiter at Amazon, on the topic of leads engagement, and his discussion with Justin McGuire, Co-Founder of DMCG Global, about the digital marketing recruitment space, are just two of many examples that highlight what an informative and engrossing host he is. 

Must-listen episode

Episode 230 – Hishem Azzouz – Recruitment Mentors & Innovation

Recruitment is one of the toughest jobs out there, so you’re certainly not alone if you yearn for a mentor to guide you. In this episode, guest Hishem Azzouz, Founder of Recruitment Mentors, shares how he’s tackled this problem head-on by creating a new learning and mentoring platform for recruiters. 

Memorable quote:

“As a search firm, you can’t just plow through clients or candidates.”

Paul Chapman, Partner Manager at Human Capital (Episode 245 – Human Capital – Paul Chapman)

7. Inside Executive Search

Cover art for inside executive search
Inside Executive Search

Listen to Inside Executive Search on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

When it comes to executive search podcasts, few can match up to Inside Executive Search. The podcast hones in on the topic of executive talent acquisition as well as talent management. As executive search professionals themselves, hosts Steve Yakesh and Scott Peterson are well-placed to provide expert advice on best practices.

So if you’re currently struggling to attract executive talent or reduce employee turnover, make it a priority to tune in. The episodes are only 10 to 20 minutes long, so there’s really no excuse not to squeeze one in between your morning coffee and to-do list.

Must-listen episode

5 Most Common Interview Biases & How To Avoid Them

It’s an unfortunate fact that the traditional recruitment process is riddled with biases. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of bias-minimizing recruitment strategies you can try out. In this episode, you’ll learn about five of the most powerful ones that can help you avoid common interview biases.

Memorable quote

“I think really what the boards are driving to over the next several years is a board that really emulates that [a board that reflects a company’s employee base] versus just hiring board members that happen to be friends of the owners.”

Scott Peterson, Versique Search (Episode 1 – Intro: Inside Executive Search)

8. The Talent Cast

Cover art for the talent cast
The Talent Cast

Listen to The Talent Cast on Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

Who said staffing podcasts need to be boring? They certainly never listened to The Talent Cast. Self-titled as the “World’s most caffeinated employer branding and recruitment marketing podcast”, The Talent Cast is just about as fun as a podcast on hiring can get. But make no mistake, it’s not the least bit frivolous. 

After a single episode, you’ll begin to rethink everything you know about conventional recruiting practices and best practices. And after a few episodes, you’ll learn precisely what it takes to become a highly effective recruiter in the 21st century. While this sounds like a lofty goal, few could do a better job in helping you achieve it than James Ellis, making this one of the best recruiting podcasts of 2020 and 2021. 

Must-listen episode

Episode 185 – Beyond Increments

Have you noticed that candidates are behaving differently? It’s not just you. Lately, there’s been a seismic shift in candidate behavior. Despite this, many hiring professionals have failed to change their own behaviors and practices accordingly. If you don’t know where to start, this episode will point you in the right direction.

Memorable quote

“If I understand why and where people are leaving, I can correlate that with who’s coming in and what we’re telling them, and I can start to see gaps.” 

James Ellis, Host of The Talent Cast (Episode 164 – Employer Brand for Retention)

9. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Cover art for the recruiting brainfood podcast
The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Listen to The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

With 100 episodes of The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast under his belt, host Hung Lee shows no signs of slowing down. He’s committed to providing his loyal listeners with a 60-or-so-minute podcast episode every week on all manner of recruitment and HR topics. 

So just how diverse are the topics Lee covers? One week he could be talking about AI in recruiting, while the next he could be talking about the gig economy. While you may not know what to expect week to week, that’s why we rate Recruiting Brainfood as one of the best recruiting podcasts of 2021. The charismatic host and the guests he brings on can make any recruiting topic interesting – even the drier ones! 

Must-listen episode

Episode 122 – Gen Z and the New World of Work

This episode is required listening for HR leaders looking to hire Gen Z talent. To say that it’s packed with ‘aha moments’ would be an understatement. You’ll learn about what Gen Z really thinks about work, and how you can best support their needs as employees. 

Memorable quote

“Now you’ve got social media pushing and amplifying different types of companies, talking about what they’re doing… All of this type of stuff means that you’ve got loads of signals suddenly telling you, ‘You know what, there’s lots of opportunities’… which would obviously change job seeker behavior.”

Hung Lee, Host of The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast (Episode 118 – How To Be A Better Talent Acquisition Leader)

10. Nine To Thrive HR

Cover art for nine to thrive hr
Nine To Thrive HR

Listen to Nine To Thrive HR on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

What’s it about?

Inspired to learn how to improve your recruitment game, but don’t have a full hour to spare? Just queue up an episode of Nine To Thrive HR. The podcast is formatted to offer recruiters a quick and easy way to strengthen their recruitment knowledge.

To give you a taste of what to expect, episodes range from discussions about the latest HR tech tools to frank observations about the nature of work post-pandemic. With new episodes released weekly and over 150 episodes to date, there’s lots to explore.

Must-listen episode

Episode 139 – Diversity and Inclusion Enabled by Analytics

There’s always more to do when it comes to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. While many different initiatives exist, few are informed by data. In this episode, Guest Caitlin Bigsby of Visier explains why analytics should be at the heart of D&I initiatives, and how you can implement a data-led approach in your own workplace.

Memorable quote

“Once you understand all the candidate behaviors and needs and then superimpose them onto the employer brand of the organization, you get a truly non-linear personalized conversation that creates a great mix of internal and external candidates (both active and passive) who are highly engaged with the company.”

Roopesh Nair,  President and CEO of Symphony Talent (Episode: Digital Transformation and the Talent Acquisition Landscape)


Each podcast in our list of the best recruiting podcasts 2021 was selected for being equally informative and engaging. The podcasts will all give you access to a range of expert opinions and experiences regarding the biggest considerations affecting recruitment in 2021. They’ll also put a spotlight on tried-and-tested tips that HR leaders can use to effectively respond. Give them a listen if you want to give your professional knowledge a serious boost… and have some fun in the process.

Monica Mizzi

Monica Mizzi

Monica Mizzi is a digital marketer and freelance writer who works with businesses to boost their online visibility and craft compelling content. She's worked with the likes of Google and Vimeo, and her portfolio includes pieces published in The Guardian, Huffpost, and inflight magazines.

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