Interview with Omer Molad explains the value of candidate skill-based testing

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In an interview with our CEO, Omer Molad, explains the value of candidate skill-based testing and the benefits of unplugging from the daily email deluge in the wilds of Utah!

During the 2018 HRTech conference in Las Vegas Gavin and Omer got together to discuss:

  • Why Vervoe is focused on screening in, not out
  • Bias in recruiting
  • How Vervoe uses machine learning
  • How Vervoe creates evaluation content
  • Vervoe’s sweet spot
  • Why Vervoe focuses on customer who share its values
  • The benefits of unplugging from technology and taking time out

Specifically on unplugging, Gavin and Omer discussed Omer’s trip to Utah where he spent nine days in the desert. This trip not only helped Omer become a better leader, it also helped Vervoe’s other leaders step up.

You can read more about that here.

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