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New: January 2022 Product Update 🎁

We’re so excited to bring you the product updates for January, a recap of what we released in December. And, because the team has been working so hard behind the scenes, even more of what’s coming soon! :gift:

Code challenge reimagined 

In a couple of clicks, automatically generate boilerplate code for all supported programming languages (Nodejs, PHP, C++, Python3, Ruby, Go, C, C#, and Java) and create a code challenge in minutes. Our reimagined code challenge question type significantly reduces the time and effort to create a code challenge. Then, simply tab across to the test case builder which guides you through generating test cases in the exact same way. Even better, we’ve improved the speed of running test cases too. Customers and free trial users can access all of this today at no additional cost.

Code challenge reimagined
Significantly reduce the time and effort to create a code challenge with our new question type

Open and closed assessment view 

We’ve updated the language of assessment statuses from Active/Inactive to Open/Closed (Active = Open, Inactive = Closed). Now, a more streamlined experience means you can now view open/closed statuses at a glance with assessment cards enhancements on the Vervoe home screen.

Open and closed assessment view
You can now view open/closed statuses at a glance with assessment card enhancements on your Vervoe home screen 

Text editing to welcome candidates

Enhance your candidate experience when a candidate is invited to an assessment via link/URL (not via direct email). Rich text editing (text and paragraph styling) is now supported on the first screen a candidate will hit. Use this section to recap your job description, acknowledge their interest, or even include a video introduction.

Rich text editing to welcome candidates
Rich text editing (text and paragraph styling) is now supported on the first screen a candidate will hit

December recap and what’s coming soon

  • Customer Service Simulator – our most immersive assessment yet (released)
  • SMS invites – drive assessment completions by reminding candidates via SMS (released) 
  • View completion stats at a glance with assessment cards enhancements on the Vervoe’s home screen (coming soon) 
  • Bulk sharing and anonymous grading when sharing to increase collaboration and speed to hire with (coming soon)
  • The typing test to assess a candidate’s typing speed and accuracy (coming soon)

With so much to come, we can’t wait for you to check out Vervoe and see how to take your 2022 hiring goals to the next level. 💫

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Marie Lee

Marie Lee

Armed with a robust skill set and a proven track record of success, Marie Lee continues to drive innovation and excellence in the realm of product marketing, leveraging her expertise to propel organizations to new heights of success. Currently serving as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Vervoe since November 2021, Marie orchestrates strategic marketing initiatives to drive product awareness and adoption. Prior to her tenure at Vervoe, Marie held pivotal positions at prominent organizations, including Whispir, where she spent three years honing her expertise as a Product Marketing Manager. Her tenure was marked by instrumental contributions to product positioning and market penetration strategies. Her stint at the Department of Education & Training, Victoria, as a Communications Advisor, further enriched her portfolio, offering insights into stakeholder engagement and communication strategies within the public sector. Marie's journey in product marketing commenced as a Product Marketing Executive at The Access Group, where she played a pivotal role in crafting compelling narratives to drive product adoption. Her earlier experience as a Recruitment Consultant at Halcyon Knights and a Product Marketing Coordinator at PLYCODE provided her with a holistic understanding of the recruitment and technology sectors.

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