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New: Introducing the Vervoe Customer Service Simulator

Some job categories are just hard to test for at scale, and customer service is one of them. 

Reading a resume, and asking hypothetical questions in a job interview are average indicators of job performance, and difficult to meaningfully scale. 

With hundreds — sometimes thousands — of roles to fill, organizations can default to screening candidates in ways that don’t showcase people’s talent well. Sometimes leaving great candidates with rejection letters, and organizations wondering how average workers slipped onto their payrolls.

But now there’s a new method to test candidates’ customer service skills in a way that’s a more accurate predictor of job performance, and easy to scale. 

Introducing Vervoe’s new Customer Service Simulator

Take your hiring to the next level by placing candidates in life-like customer support simulations and testing their ability to search for the right answers, and respond in real-time.

How it works

The Customer Service Simulator enables hirers to see candidates perform inside an immersive support center environment. You’ll get to see them shine as they manage, review, and respond to a range of real customer scenarios while working within time limits. 

The tickets appear in a queue, just as they would be seen in a real support center environment.

So, what does the candidate see?

First, they’re invited to begin the Customer Service Simulation.

Cs simulator question
Question page on Customer Service Simulator

Clicking “Start Simulation” takes them straight to the simulator, which is modelled on a typical customer service (CS) platform such as ZenDesk.  Pop-up instructions guide the candidate through the assessment process.

Support tickets

The ticket inbox shows customer requests (tickets) in a queue, just like a real support center environment.

Cs simulator tickets loaded
Ticket inbox in Customer Service Simulator


An extensive knowledge base enables hirers to test candidates’ attention to detail, comprehension, learning agility, and problem-solving.

Cs simulator knowledge base and response selector
Knowledge base and response selector in Customer Service Simulator

Rich customer details add another layer that allows the candidates to research the right answer before choosing a response. They can access historical data, current status, and other important information about the customer.

Cs simulator customer details
Customer details in Customer Service Simulator


After the candidate has reviewed the customer details and referred to the knowledge base, they can select a pre-written response from a number of available templates. This multiple-choice approach (rather than free-text answers) removes the need for time-consuming human reviews.

The response chosen will test the candidates’ approach, empathy, initiative, speed, and level of responsiveness.

Three customer-support scenarios

Vervoe has three pre-configured use cases across common customer-support scenarios: Retail, Tech Support, and Subscriptions and Services.

Customizable and BYO content

Hiring organizations will soon be able to upload their own content and knowledge bases to customize simulations that mirror their real-life customer service platforms.


The Customer Service Simulator score is counted as one skill group within the assessment. The score they get for it is for all of the points they get for questions answered divided by the total number of questions in the simulator. The scorecard is broken down in the report card to show them what skills were tested per question and the individual score they received.

Customer service simulator reporting
Customer Service Simulator reporting

The future of hiring is here

Simulate what it’s really like to work in your customer service team to predict job performance and make great hiring decisions.

Find out more about Vervoe’s new Customer Service Simulator and start your free trial today.

Marie Lee

Marie Lee

Armed with a robust skill set and a proven track record of success, Marie Lee continues to drive innovation and excellence in the realm of product marketing, leveraging her expertise to propel organizations to new heights of success. Currently serving as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Vervoe since November 2021, Marie orchestrates strategic marketing initiatives to drive product awareness and adoption. Prior to her tenure at Vervoe, Marie held pivotal positions at prominent organizations, including Whispir, where she spent three years honing her expertise as a Product Marketing Manager. Her tenure was marked by instrumental contributions to product positioning and market penetration strategies. Her stint at the Department of Education & Training, Victoria, as a Communications Advisor, further enriched her portfolio, offering insights into stakeholder engagement and communication strategies within the public sector. Marie's journey in product marketing commenced as a Product Marketing Executive at The Access Group, where she played a pivotal role in crafting compelling narratives to drive product adoption. Her earlier experience as a Recruitment Consultant at Halcyon Knights and a Product Marketing Coordinator at PLYCODE provided her with a holistic understanding of the recruitment and technology sectors.

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