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International Women’s Day: From the women of Vervoe

At Vervoe, we’re fortunate to have talented women in our teams across Australia, the US and Ukraine. We took the opportunity this International Women’s Day to ask our team what the day means to them, and what changes they’d like to see to foster gender equality.

Here’s the responses from some of our fantastic Vervoe women.



For me, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to put women’s issues and achievements on the stage and in the spotlight.

I hear a lot of men say “I don’t see it as an issue” when discussing gender imbalances, and how I would instead like to see change is in all of us being aware that not everyone has the same platform of privilege. Just because you might not perceive something as an issue, might just mean that it isn’t an issue to YOU. Question if you hear womens voices in meetings as often as mens, question if colleagues and people of influence are described in the same way and subject to the same judgement and standards.

Forcing change is not possible, educating women and men on privilege and equality can help us all to foster change in our local arena and inspire change from the ground up.



For long years for me International Women’s Day was a “holiday of tenderness and beauty” (it’s a long story). Just several years ago I understood that it’s about completely different things. So now for me it’s good opportunity to remember those women which defended women rights for education, work and voting in Ukraine and other countries. To point out that I live in better times when I can realize myself in the field in which I want to. And also to learn about current initiatives about equal rights in Ukraine, probably to join some of them.

I would like to see more content in media or in real life about that all people are equal in opportunities that they would like to take.

I think humanity can approach creating a space for gender quality via sharing information about that there is no strict differentiation between male and female responsibilities. Probably some educational events for children and students. Some initiatives from the companies that give workers understanding that they are in the same conditions (man can also take maternity leave or woman with children can be also effective employee).



International Women’s Day means to me that there is at least one day, every year, that women are celebrated and recognised. This is for their efforts, persistence and contribution to society at large. I’d like to see more women given opportunities in all aspects of life. I’d like them to be judged based on their talents, and skills, not their gender.

Honestly, I’d like more businesses to implement Vervoe or a recruitment mindset like it, where external considerations do not matter aside from their skills and work ethic- and for this to be complimented with equal pay and opportunities for career development.

I would like for everyone, males and females, to consider gender quality a critical issue, and one that everyone must work together to overcome. I feel as though a lot of people think of feminism as a ‘bad word’, when really all it’s about is giving everyone equal opportunities. I would like a space to be created where everybody has the same goals and views, males and females understand that the ambition to achieve gender equality ensures that everybody gets the same opportunities and payment for doing the same job, and that there is no hostile discussion about what changes need to be made to achieve gender equality.



For me, International Women’s day encourages us to continue the conversation about equality.

We need to keep these conversations in focus, and continue to support initiatives that foster gender equality. Whether that’s in the workplace through equal pay and recognising female leaders; in supporting education for women in STEM; or fighting for equal media coverage and focussing on performance in women’s sports.

Beyond the focus on equality for women, the “each for equal” theme can be extended to recognise and elevate the equality needs of men and gender-diverse persons.


International women's day: from the women of vervoe 1

For me International Women’s Day is a day to remember and recognize women’s achievements and contributions to society as mothers, daughters, professionals, and leaders. It is day that reminds us that we must always strive for equality and respect, stand up for what we believe, dream big dreams and live them without fear.

I’d love to see more women in leadership positions. Workplaces creating an environment where equality is evident- equal pay, equal expectations, equal benefits and opportunities for advancement.

I want my daughters to believe and strive for what they want, never stand down and be treated as equals. I want them to live in a world where there is no fight for equality but instead their reality. To get there, we have to continue to educate and stand up for these rights, speak up and support one another- men, women, and no matter the race.

Siobhan Carlson

Siobhan Carlson

Siobhan is a dynamic B2B marketing professional with over 8 years of experience spanning small businesses to global SaaS enterprises and tech startups. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills across the marketing funnel, specializing in brand and strategy ownership, multi-channel demand generation, content marketing, account-based marketing, and performance marketing. Her proficiency extends to systems, processes, and data management, where she excels in marketing automation, CRM setup and management, and marketing analytics. Siobhan's focus has predominantly been on the APAC market, with additional exposure to European and US markets. She thrives in creative, collaborative environments, where her initiative, drive, and creative problem-solving skills can be fully leveraged. Outside of work, Siobhan is dedicated to furthering her education with an MBA, has a passion for hosting pub trivia, and is an avid listener of marketing podcasts. With her diverse skill set and strategic mindset, Siobhan is poised to drive impactful marketing initiatives and contribute to the growth of any organization she joins.

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