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Anti-Cheating Features Including Plagiarism, Geolocation and More

We love delivering features to help your team hire better. So far this year we’ve made 28 new feature updates to our app! Read on for some more of our most-requested features we’ve been working hard to launch over the last couple of months. 

Plagiarism Detection

Vervoe’s new plagiarism detection feature will flag candidates in Select and Candidate Report Cards if it detects duplication

The new anti-cheating Plagiarism feature detects candidates that have the same answers to text questions. Customers will now see flagged candidates in Select and Candidate Report Card if it detects any duplication. This feature is turned off by default, accounting for questions where all correct answers will be the same text response, but you can enable plagiarism detection under question settings in Create. Plagiarism is available now on all plan types. Try it out today and reduce the risk of cheating without lowering candidate engagement!

Candidate Geolocation Tracking

Candidate geolocation tracking
Candidates will be flagged at the Select stage if they suspiciously complete an assessment from multiple locations within a short amount of time

Candidate Geolocation Tracking has also shipped! Candidates will be flagged at the Select stage and their candidate report card whenever they suspiciously complete an assessment from multiple locations within a short amount of time. If both Geolocation Tracking and Plagiarism Features are enabled and a candidate has been flagged for both, 2 flags will be shown as above.

Daily Digest email, extension requests & what’s coming soon

Daily digest emails
A list of extension requests has been added to the daily digest email and coming soon, updates to candidate share cards, and more assessments to our public library

A list of extension requests has been added to the daily digest email. Coming soon are exciting updates to candidate share cards and adding even more assessments to the public library. We can’t wait for you to check out all these updates for yourself and let us know what you think. 🎉

Marie Lee

Marie Lee

Armed with a robust skill set and a proven track record of success, Marie Lee continues to drive innovation and excellence in the realm of product marketing, leveraging her expertise to propel organizations to new heights of success. Currently serving as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Vervoe since November 2021, Marie orchestrates strategic marketing initiatives to drive product awareness and adoption. Prior to her tenure at Vervoe, Marie held pivotal positions at prominent organizations, including Whispir, where she spent three years honing her expertise as a Product Marketing Manager. Her tenure was marked by instrumental contributions to product positioning and market penetration strategies. Her stint at the Department of Education & Training, Victoria, as a Communications Advisor, further enriched her portfolio, offering insights into stakeholder engagement and communication strategies within the public sector. Marie's journey in product marketing commenced as a Product Marketing Executive at The Access Group, where she played a pivotal role in crafting compelling narratives to drive product adoption. Her earlier experience as a Recruitment Consultant at Halcyon Knights and a Product Marketing Coordinator at PLYCODE provided her with a holistic understanding of the recruitment and technology sectors.

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