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Add firepower to your hiring process

The wait is over! We have gone live with some exciting features that will give you more insight and help streamline your recruiting process even more.

Here’s what’s new:

CSV Export

Available to all customers

Need to add candidates to a different platform after reviewing their Talent Trials?

Now you can easily export a CSV file of all your candidates. You can export a list of candidates from a particular stage or all candidates from a job directly through your job dashboard and candidate section. The CSV file will include information such as contact details, profile info, predicted scores, stage status and much more.

Csv export

Filter with ease

Available to all customers

You can now filter the job dashboard to view candidates who were invited, started a Talent Trial, completed a Talent Trial and have expired. When you log into your job dashboard, you’ll notice the filter options on the top right. Additional filtering options are available in the job insights page.


Understand your process with Job Insights

Intelligent plan

Reports are finally here! For all the metrics lovers out there- you can now get better insight into your job’s performance.

Reports- landingscreen

To see all the available information on your open job, click on the insights icon. You will be able to filter candidates that have applied, started and completed a Talent Trial, starred candidates, those that have been rejected, plus additional details on candidates and Talent Trial performance. Read all about job insights.

Get it done in a jiffy with Bulk Candidate Actions

Intelligent plan

Gone are the days of progressing or rejecting candidates one by one.

You now can select more than one candidate at a time and complete an action.

Send a few of your candidates an email with some words of encouragement or you can choose to progress, reject, or extend a deadline for a group of candidates.

Simply hover over a candidate card avatar to enable the bulk action bar, click the checkboxes and select your action!

Get all the details here.

Batch actions

Improved Candidate Cards with valuable info

Relevant to all customers

We’ve made some significant improvements to candidate cards.

Now you can see exactly how much time a candidate spent to answer each question and their overall completion time.

Candidate cards

Plus, we updated the Candidate pool section. You now have access to Talent Trials submitted by all candidates, including those who were rejected. This information can come in handy when considering to invite a candidate to another job.

Direct Candidate Messaging

Intelligent plan

Stay connected and add a human touch to your process. You can now send direct messages to your candidates right through the platform. Open a candidate card, click Message and a new window will open. You can customize the subject and body and then send.

Add firepower to your hiring process 1

World-class psychometrics are here

Available to all customers

We’ve partnered with Big 5 Assessments and Wonderlic to bring you accredited and validated tests. You can use these personality tests along with skills tests to give you a better insight on your candidates.

Psychometric tests

Search for “Big 5″ or ‘Wonderlic” in the library search bar to bring up all the tests we have available from these providers.

Recruiting success with AI    

Intelligent plan

A few months back we released one of our most innovative features – AI ranking. It’s been working amazingly well. It’s one of those features you probably didn’t know you needed.  Don’t ignore those AI scores! Customers have been pleasantly surprised at how accurate the predicted scores are.
Read about how Australia Post was able to capitalize on Vervoe’s AI feature here.

Things keep getting better…

Our team fixed many of those pesky bugs you reported, and we’ve made improvements throughout the platform.

There is more to come.

Our product team has some exciting new features planned for 2019, and we can’t wait for those to roll out. Until then, don’t be shy and share your feedback. We want to hear it all. Everything counts and helps us plan and improve our features.

Enjoy and happy hiring!

Jennifer Shellef

Jennifer Shellef

Jen is a seasoned VP of Customer Success with over six years of experience at Vervoe, where she led strategic initiatives to ensure customer and team success. She oversaw the Global Customer Success and Support teams, fostering a customer-centric culture and implementing best practices to streamline onboarding processes. Under her leadership, customer activation time decreased significantly, and customer satisfaction soared. Prior to her role as VP, Jen served as a Customer Success Manager, where she managed a diverse portfolio of clients and played a pivotal role in shaping the company's customer success function. Her collaborative approach and commitment to continuous improvement contributed to key milestones in the company's growth journey. She brings her passion for connecting with people and fostering supportive environments to everything she does.

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